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Financial Coaching – The Differences Worth Knowing

Never Confuse Financial Coaching with Financial Advice or Personal Coaching Services – The Differences Are Critical to Your Success…

It’s easy to get confused…

The terms financial adviser, financial coach and money mentor sound so similar on the surface; yet, the services each provides is dramatically different.

“One year of working with Todd has produced more and greater results than the hundreds of self-help books I have read over the past 45 years.” – Stephen Klink; Oakland, CA

The following educational articles explain the critical differences between various terms and competing services so you know how to choose the right service to match your unique needs…

  • Financial Coaching vs. Financial Advice: Learn how a financial adviser manages the wealth you already built, but a financial coach helps you build that wealth in the first place. About the only thing they have in common is the word “financial”.
  • Coaching vs. Mentoring: In coaching the expert is you, but with mentoring the expert is the mentor. Learn the different roles a coach and mentor will play so that you can pick the right service for your needs.
  • Financial Coaching vs. Personal Coaching: Uncover how financial coaching provides all the benefits of whole life coaching through a focus on improving your finances so that it produces tangible “dollars and cents” results as well.
  • What Financial Coaching Doesn’t Do: Reveals how financial coaching helps you become financially independent – with special emphasis on the word “independent”. It is an empowering relationship that never enables.

These 4 articles are designed to clarify critical distinctions between financial coaching and similar sounding services that often confuse people. They will help you gain clarity by explaining what financial coaching is (and what it is not) so that you can make a decision that best serves your needs.

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