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Financial Coaching

As a money coach I provide the advanced education, accountability, and support you need to overcome the roadblocks that stand between you and financial independence.


How To Start Coaching With Todd…

“I wish I would have started financial coaching with Todd two years earlier – before I lost $50,000 following the advice of the “do it my way” gurus. Not only is he helping me create a tailor fit wealth building strategy that suits me, but he also taught me exactly how I went wrong, and why I made those mistakes to begin with – something you don’t get anywhere else. Todd’s wealth building approach is so fundamentally sound that you begin applying it to every area of your life and you are left wondering why none of the gurus are telling you this stuff. His approach is truly refreshing, motivating and empowering. Thanks, Todd.”– Jeff Adams, Investor; Denver, CO

Learn How Financial Coaching Works…

“I only coached with Todd for a few months four years ago and I am still benefiting from the experience as I complete my fourth positive cash flow real estate deal. I am well on my way to achieving my financial goals because of the focus and clarity that resulted from those coaching sessions years ago.”– Sally Trussell, EdD; Independent Investor; Littleton, MA

Why Hire A Money Coach? The Benefits…

“In just 12 months of coaching we accomplished the goals we set out to achieve and got more than we expected. We expected you to teach us how to to take our real estate investing to the next level – which you did. You helped us save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding many mistakes and getting us to question our thinking and approach deals in different ways. You gave us tons of investment strategy tips, and kept us focused until we got the right deal. We feel emotionally grounded; we know what we are doing and why; we know how to control risk; how to save thousands through skilled negotiating; and we have a complete action plan for years of future growth. Another benefit was how the regularly scheduled coaching calls kept us accountable, moving forward, and there is no way we would have accomplished all this without your coaching. I’m so amazed at what has happened to us in just one short year. Thank you.”– Jeni and Eric Kurowski; Owners, CCR Storage; Willis, TX

The Smart Consumer’s Guide To Choosing A Coaching and Mentoring Service…

“I just want to say how awesome it is working with you. To find a mentor with actual business experience, real estate, and financial background is huge. Not only that but your value to living a balanced life with your family. In the past I had become frustrated looking for a mentor with just one of these traits, much less to have the ability to teach and really mentor on top of that! …I can honestly say that in this last year I have made 20 times the amount I have paid you, and I fully expect this number to keep growing…” – Dan Cosgrove; President, Mercantile Systems and Surveys; Brentwood, CA

Financial Coaching – The Differences Worth Knowing…

“Even though I have 21 years more experience in the investment business, I don’t know anyone with more wisdom than Todd. His perspective and talents shifted my whole investment company and helped me multiply monthly cash flow ten times from $5,000 per month to $50,000 per month. If I were to hire anyone to run my business, Todd would be the first on my list.” – Gary Craig, Entrepreneur and Former Hedge Fund Owner; The Sea Ranch, CA

If you are experiencing one or more of the following challenges…

  • Unsure how to manage your investments so they reliably outgrow inflation regardless of market conditions?
  • Struggle with balancing time for marriage and kids (not to mention physical health) with the incessant demands of a growing business?
  • No written plan for building your wealth resulting in confusion over next best steps to take?
  • Frustrated by how your income never results in a growing portfolio of investments sufficient to support your lifestyle?
  • Lack the time to plan your investment strategy and develop your financial intelligence so that you can make smarter, more effective decisions?
  • Irritated by traditional financial advisers more interested in selling you investment products than helping you build wealth?

… then you may be a candidate for my financial coaching. The links on this page provide all the information you need to make a smart business decision, or you can click here to get started now…