Wealth Building 101 Tutorial Guide

The Secret To Building Wealth Is There Are No Secrets. The Formula Is Common Knowledge, Timeless, And Free. Everything Else Is Just A Marketing Gimmick.

You've probably noticed that most wealth building education is little more than a collection of tools and "how-to" tricks on personal finance or investment strategy.

Every guru markets his own technique as the "secret" answer to the "how-to-become-wealthy" question.

Let's be honest. If you bought all their courses and attended all their seminars you would more likely end up confused than wealthy.

Much of the information is contradictory, incomplete, or not usable because it is dangerous half-truths.

It's not that what they teach you is wrong: it's just not what really matters. It is not the education most people need to become wealthy.

You are no more likely to succeed at building wealth because someone sold you the latest tricks and tools than you would be able to succeed at building a house because someone sold you a hammer.

The tool is just a mechanism. It is necessary for building, but it's not the causative factor.

Without the skills and motivation to use the tool wisely along with plans to give the work done by the tool form, the tool is essentially useless. Much more is required.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." -Colin Powel

What you need is a complete, step-by-step blueprint for building wealth - not just some tools.

  • You need to learn how to locate a site for constructing your wealth that fits your personal needs and tastes.
  • You need to learn how to lay the foundation so that your wealth structure stands solid and true against the ravaging elements.
  • You need a plan built on time-tested principles showing the best construction methods.

This is the knowledge you need to succeed ... not some tools and tricks.

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At Financial Mentor the entire wealth building process is organized into a step-by-step blueprint called Seven Steps To Seven Figures. You won't discover any so called "secrets" in this program, but you will learn time proven, common sense strategies that actually work to build wealth.

In addition, you will learn the end game is true wealth and not just financial wealth - a critical distinction for your personal happiness.

Below are some free articles illustrating a few important points:

Building wealth is not quick or easy, but it is realistically achievable in 7-12 years if you are serious.

If you want get-rich-quick how-to tricks then look somewhere else. If you want serious education for serious wealth building then we can help.

Below you’ll find a listing of our most recent articles about wealth building providing you with additional strategies and information so you can take the next step…

FM 020: How to Get Rich Slowly with J.D. Roth

Want to learn how to get rich slowly? Build a rock solid financial foundation. Here's how.

The difference between debt and wealth is large in life, but small in terms of the life habits required to actually make the difference. J.D. Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly, shares how he transformed his financial situation from debt to wealth in just a few short years by simply changing his life habits. These are principles everyone can implement to build a rock-solid financial foundation that will help you achieve your financial goals…

Why Most Wealth Building Systems Fail

Wealth Building Systems image

Most wealth building education can be broken down into three distinct schools of thought. The only problem is each is a dangerous half-truth leaving you prone to failure. You must connect these half-truths together like links in a chain where your wealth plan is only as strong as the weakest link. The only problem is most people are naturally good at just one link while inherently weak at the other two. Read more to find the solution…

Build Wealth With This Goal Setting System

Use this 7 step goal setting system to secure your financial future.

You think you know all about goal setting already. The only problem is you’re probably not walking the talk. I realize another article on goal setting is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but you didn’t hire me just to entertain you. My job is to help you build your wealth, and there are few tools more powerful than goal setting. It costs nothing, risks nothing, saves time, and provides amazing results, but only if you use it correctly. This article shows you how…

The Ten Commandments Of Wealth Building

These 10 Commandments of Wealth Building will help you achieve financial success and true wealth.

Building true wealth takes a lot more than simply amassing a certain amount of money. There are ten key wealth building principles that lead to true wealth, not just monetary wealth. The objective is not just to become rich, but to build a balanced, fulfilling, wealthy life. Following these ten success principles will put you on the path to true wealth — because life is too short to settle for anything less…

Multiple Streams Of Income – Truth Revealed

The right and wrong way to develop multiple streams of income

Forget everything you’ve read about multiple streams of income. They haven’t told you the real truth. The problem rests not in the idea, but in the practical application of the idea. The key problem is implementation – not theory. Let’s look at why multiple income streams can be problematic, how you can determine if this wealth-building system makes sense for you, and how to go about creating it the right way…

12 Tips To Build Wealth For Early Retirement

Build wealth easily by following these two simple guidelines.

Building wealth for a secure, early retirement is actually very simple – in theory. It requires just three easy-to-understand principles. However, few people ever retire early because it has little to do with understanding these principles, and everything to do with taking effective action. Discover how you can overcome the two hurdles that block action so you can achieve breakthrough results…

FM 019: Expected Value Formula – The Missing Key To Building Wealth with Billy Murphy

Expected Value Formula with Billy Murphy Image

Wealth is math. That’s bad news for math phobics, but it’s great news for the rest of us because it means there are rules and science behind how wealth building works. The process isn’t random luck. In Episode 19 of the Financial Mentor podcast we’ll explore the most essential math principle to wealth building – the expected value formula – so that you know how to put it to work in your wealth plans starting today…

How To Become A Millionaire – 5 Secrets Revealed

how to become a millionaire image

After more than 120 interviews with self-made millionaires, the patterns for how to become a millionaire have become clear. Fortunately, these patterns are repeatable, which means that if you learn the proper habits and attitudes then it can help you reach your goal to become a millionaire too. Here are the top 5 tips…

A Ridiculously Simple Way To Build Wealth

Build wealth easily by following these two simple guidelines.

How to build wealth is ridiculously simple. It doesn’t require luck, genius or special connections. You don’t have to attend overpriced, weekend financial seminars or learn the latest tricks and gimmicks sold by slick marketers. Everything you need to know can be summarized in two sentences…

What Big Wall Rock Climbing Can Teach Us About Wealth Building

big wall rock climbing image

The principles of wealth building and smart investing are universal and apply to all aspects of life. These essential truths are about much more than just money because they leaves clues on every stage of life we play. In this article Darrow Kirkpatrick explores essential lessons learned about wealth building while climbing El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Enjoy!