Savings Calculators

Savings Goal Calculator

How much should I save each month to reach my savings goal by a given date?

Savings Account Calculator

How long until I reach my savings goal given the amount I’m currently saving each month?

Compound Interest Calculator – Monthly

What will my monthly savings deposits grow to when compounded monthly?

Compound Interest Calculator – Daily To Yearly

What will my savings grow to when varying the deposit intervals and the compound intervals from daily to yearly (and everything in between)?

Future Value Calculator

What will be the future value of my savings growth after adjusting for taxes and inflation?

Inflation Calculator

How has inflation effected the purchasing power of my savings from one year compared to any other year in history?

Interest Calculator – Simple Monthly Payment vs. Compound Growth

How much will my savings earn if I spend the interest every month vs. compound it for growth?

Latte Factor Calculator

How much do small, regular expenses (like a daily latte) really cost me in terms of savings?

Spending Calculator – True Cost To Own

How much does that one-time expense truly cost me over many years?

Money Saving Calculator

How much money can I save by switching from high-cost name brand to low-cost generic?

Millionaire Calculator

How long until I grow my savings to a million dollars and what will it be worth after adjusting for inflation?

Present Value of Annuity Calculator

What is the present value of a series of equal cash flows to be received in the future?