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Loan Calculators

Loan Calculator

Interest Rate Calculator

How do I find any missing loan term – including interest rate, payment, amount owed, or remaining payments?

Amortization Schedule Calculator

How can I get a full amortization schedule?

Loan Repayment Calculator

How much will my monthly payment and total interest cost change for different repayment periods?

Accelerated Loan Payoff Calculator

How fast can I payoff all my loans using the rollover (debt snowball) method?

Loan Interest Calculator

How much of my monthly payment is interest and what will my total interest cost be for the life of this loan?

Interest Only Loan Calculator

What is the monthly payment amount for an interest only loan?

Loan Payment Calculator

How do payments and costs compare between a principal and interest loan vs. an interest only loan?

Personal Loan Calculator

What are the monthly payments and interest costs for a personal loan?