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About Us

Financial Mentor Educates And Supports Business Owners And Investors To Achieve Financial Freedom And Personal Freedom. Learn More…

Todd R. Tresidder founded Financial Mentor to educate business owners and investors about the wealth building principles he learned from years as an entrepreneur in the investment management industry. What he discovered was a massive contradiction between the principles that led to his own financial success and what is commonly taught and practiced. This surprising contradiction motivated Todd to formulate a unique educational system for wealth building to support you in learning about financial freedom – and how to achieve it.

“I’m not here to make billionaires out of millionaires. I’m here to help normal people achieve extraordinary financial results so they can get off the treadmill and lead lives of contribution, satisfaction, and fulfillment.”

 Todd R. Tresidder

  • Education that simplifies and integrates what academic studies, private research, and mathematics have proven is effective for long-term investment success. Amazingly, what works is contradictory to what is commonly taught and practiced. The solution is an investment discipline based on the principle of mathematical expectation – not coincidentally, this is the same principle that governs how your wealth grows.
  • Education that overcomes the cancer of unconscious consumer spending motivated by Madison Avenue values resulting in a vicious cycle of overconsumption and debt. Less is more when your objective is greater freedom and happiness. The solution is education and increased awareness that leads to values driven, conscious consumption.
  • Education that connects your personal, daily habits to your health, wealth and happiness. How you do the little things determines many of the big results in your life. The solution is to transform yourself (your habits are a mirror image of you) to transform your wealth. Many clients routinely report improved relationships, health and much more from this education – not to mention greater wealth.

“What is not met by consciousness will be met by fate.”

Carl Jung

  • In addition, there are many misconceptions about financial freedom and how it is achieved: the proper application of leverage, risk management, the relationship of income, spending and asset growth, how to balance the three paths to wealth, the life-cycle of wealth building, and much more. Again, education is the solution.

In short, the financial problems most people face result from a lack of financial intelligence: the solution is education.

“As you think about your future don’t forget the importance of financial literacy.”

Ben Bernanke

Financial Mentor seeks to provide that solution in an efficient and user friendly way so that anyone who is serious about achieving financial freedom in this lifetime has access to the education necessary.

We provide free articles, informative interviews, instructional teleclasses, ebooks, comprehensive courses, and financial coaching designed to support you in transforming your wealth.

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