Seven Steps To Seven Figures

How Anyone Can Achieve Financial Independence in Just 7-15 Years Using This Scientific Wealth Building Process

What does it mean to truly achieve financial freedom?

  • No more working for the man?
  • Do what you want, when you want, with whom you want?
  • Lounging in a hammock on a tropical beach with an umbrella drink?
  • Cash flow exceeds expenses?

Most people want financial freedom, but few actually achieve the goal. Why?

Even more surprising – the steps to achieve financial freedom are so simple they can be explained in just two sentences, but almost nobody will follow them. Why?

The answers to these questions are critical to the financial outcome of your life.

They can make the difference between your achieving financial security, or not.

I’ve always been fascinated by the conundrum these facts present when put together.

Financial freedom is an incredibly desirable goal that nearly everyone wants. It’s so simple, so sought after, and can even be explained in just two sentences; yet, still almost nobody achieves it?

Obviously there is more to financial freedom than just desire, understanding, or “how to” knowledge. Something holds us back from achieving our financial goals…and the data proves it.

So what is it?

In the paragraphs below, I’ll not only provide the answer, but I’ll show you an engineered, step-by-step blueprint that can help you be one of the few who actually achieves financial freedom in this lifetime.

Building Wealth Is Scientific.

I wish I could tell you a glory-story about how I mastered wealth building by deftly maneuvering around every obstacle life threw my way to swiftly and effortlessly overcome financial mediocrity and achieve financial freedom in record-breaking time – but that would be a lie.

The truth is, my path to financial freedom was anything but picture perfect. I fumbled through it all and figured it out the hard way. I’ve done enough right things to succeed, and I’ve done enough wrong things to become a very good teacher.

Here’s what I learned…

Financial freedom doesn’t require creative genius, special talents, privilege, or luck.

Anyone can do it, and there are plenty of stories about gas station attendants and schoolteachers leaving behind multi-million dollar legacies to prove it.

The reason anyone can do it is because there’s a science to achieving financial freedom. It’s a repeatable, duplicable process you can follow.

In fact, it’s so simple that it can be summed up in just two sentences:

  • Spend less than you make and invest the difference wisely.
  • Have a plan and implement it with persistent action until you achieve the result.

Yeah, I know. A bit of a let-down, eh?

After all the get-rich-quick marketing hype teaching “secrets of the rich”, it’s no surprise that a straight dose of honesty is less than sexy.

But it’s the truth. It’s simple. Proven. Duplicable. And it can work for you.

The question is not the validity. That is already proven through more examples than I can count.

The only question is how you’ll get it done in your life (remember, very few will!).

I’ll explain what separates the winners from the losers in just a moment, but first I need to share a fun, little story that sets the groundwork for how all the pieces of the financial freedom puzzle fit together…

The Financial Freedom Elephant

This story is an old Indian folk-tale about three blind men and the elephant.

Each blind man is asked to walk up to the elephant, experience the elephant, and then describe what an elephant is.

The first blind man walks up, wraps his arms around the back leg, and says, “An elephant is like a large tree trunk.”

The second blind man walks up, holds the tail in his hands, and proclaims that “An elephant is like a thick rope.”

The third blind man walks up, holds the ear, lets it fall back to place, and says, “An elephant is like a giant fan.”

Each blind man is accurately describing his experience of the elephant, but none of them understands all of the parts or how they fit together.

It is the exact same problem you face when learning to achieve financial freedom.

The teachers are blind men telling half-truths based on their limited understanding of how the financial freedom elephant is put together.

Unfortunately, when you try to build your wealth based on half-truths the result is usually failure (as the statistics prove).

What you need is a foreman with the experience and know-how to put all of the pieces of the elephant together.

Let me show you how this all fits together…

The Two Sentences That Explain Financial Freedom

First, let’s repeat those two sentences explaining the process for attaining financial freedom so they’re fresh in your mind:

  • Spend less than you make and invest the difference wisely.
  • Have a plan and implement it with persistent action until you achieve the result.

If you look closely, you’ll notice those sentences are made up of 5 separate but connected ideas (notice the emphasis on separate but connected).

  • Spend less
  • Make more
  • Invest wisely
  • Have a plan
  • Implement the plan with persistent action until you achieve the result.

Each of these principles is a separate piece of the financial freedom elephant (like the leg, tail, or ear – dangerous half-truths), but it is only when they are connected that you experience the entire elephant.

Notice how the other gurus blindly portray financial freedom as if it only requires the one limited, separate, half-truth piece of the elephant they understand.

  • Frugality gurus teach you to spend less.
  • Entrepreneur and career gurus teach you how to make more.
  • Investment gurus are all about investing wisely.
  • Almost no gurus teach you how to design a wealth plan based on proven principles. (Guess they missed that piece of the puzzle entirely.)
  • Productivity and personal development gurus show you how to take consistent and persistent action.

In the context of financial freedom, they are all blind men teaching half-truths.

The financial freedom elephant is a complex puzzle where all these half-truths must be connected into a congruent whole if you want to actually achieve the goal.

While the majority of people fumble and fall short with fragmented half-truths, the select few who figure out how to connect the puzzle pieces are the ones who reach their goal of financial freedom.

In fact, as you will soon see, these 5 principles actually map into 7 separate but connected steps formulating a complete wealth building process. That’s why I call it 7 Steps To 7 Figures.

These 7 puzzle pieces make up a carefully engineered, dynamic process for you to achieve financial freedom. (The emphasis is on engineered for a reason – remember, this is repeatable science.)

Each step connects to form a complete system for achieving financial freedom.
Here’s how it works…

How Financial Success Works (And Why Nearly Everyone Fails)

As I said earlier, achieving financial freedom is not difficult… at least, in principle.

However, it is difficult in practice, and that’s why so few people reach the goal.

The problem is it requires specific responses to specific actions in a specific order. You have to get all the separate steps in the series connected correctly or…you fail.

Think of it as a series of events connected like a chain – the series can continue for as long as your weakest link holds true. If you skip a link, or fail to strengthen it accordingly, your chain is likely to snap and leave behind whatever you were towing: all of the progress you’ve made thus far and all the future progress you were about to make is lost.

For example, consider the following experience that most people can relate to:

  • You’re driving along and notice a nice-looking house for sale and immediately think, “Wow, I want that house!” For most people, it’s just a fleeting thought followed by, “What’s for dinner?” With no next steps or forward thinking, you’ve already failed to clear the first hurdle keeping you from the goal.
  • Wealth builders, on the other hand, follow up that thought with, “How will I get it?” We’re off to a good start.
  • The next hurdle in the chain is to formulate a plan to actually achieve the goal. Few will do it.
  • If they do formulate a plan, even fewer will base the plan on proven principles. Another opportunity for failure.
  • If they get the plan right, almost nobody will take sufficient action to get to the next step.
  • If they take sufficient action, most will be derailed at the first inevitable setback and return to status quo.
  • And if they persist long enough to produce the result, many will then invest their profits poorly and lose their capital rather than grow it.

It’s easy to see why so few people succeed.

For every 100 people presented with a situation that could improve their wealth, you’d be lucky if one person connected all 7 steps without breaking at least one link in the chain.

Financial freedom is a precarious event, sensitive to failure at many levels.

And that’s why most people fail. It’s also why you must take the separate but connected puzzle pieces and integrate them into a carefully engineered, cohesive plan if you want to succeed.

This is exactly what my 7 Steps To 7 Figures series of courses does for you. With each step you link together properly, you’ll see a compounding return on your success.

It’s a cohesive, carefully engineered, proven, blueprint for achieving financial freedom.

No secrets of the rich. No magic formulas. No hype.

Just a proven, scientific, seven-step roadmap for your wealth building journey (a pathway to freedom that actually works).

I’ve designed it to be the simplest, most effective and most secure path for reaching your financial goals, and it is 100% based on the real-world experience of my own life and 100’s of coaching clients just like you.

No ivory-tower theories or over-simplified, blind man, half-truths. Just real-world instruction built around intuitively obvious principles proven to work in the trenches of actual experience.

It gives you all the tools you need to engineer your own wealth plan and take sufficient action to achieve your financial goals.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

My name is Todd Tresidder and I “retired” at age 35 by following the same principles I will teach you in these courses.

I’ve not only walked the talk by putting these lessons to practice in my own life, but more importantly, I’ve been coaching one-on-one clients just like you to do the exact same thing for more than 15 years.

Those 15 years of coaching are what separates this course from anything else you’ll find.

You see, coaching’s not like being a guru at some weekend boot camp or writing a best-selling book where you’re kept at a safe distance from the results your students and readers produce.

With coaching you’re in the trenches with your clients week after week as they take action. The feedback is immediate, and you always know if your teachings work, or fail.

That’s why you know this course works. Every step of it has already been proven with real people from all walks of life and at different skill levels.

But don’t trust me. Do your own due diligence and see what others say about their personal experience with my teachings:

  • You can Google my name and see what dirt is lurking in the shadows.
  • You can do the same with the Financial Mentor business name.
  • Check out my business credentials and see that I’ve been working this business consistently since 1998.
  • Look at real testimonials from my actual coaching clients sharing their actual results in their own words here.
  • Read my writing throughout this site, and listen to my podcasts here.
  • See for yourself if it all measures up and passes the smell test, or not.

It took many years to patch the holes in my teachings and put the wealth building puzzle together in a way that reliably works. It wasn’t easy, and that’s why you won’t find anything else like this anywhere else.

I’ve spent 25 years accumulating and testing the absolute best methods for attaining financial freedom, sorting the wheat from the chaff, so that you don’t have to.

It was a crazy ton of work.

But now 7 Steps to 7 Figures is your royal road to all this experience (and my legacy), all neatly packaged in a streamlined, step-by-step set of instructions, complete with support systems.

And it has proven thoroughly effective through 15 years of real results with real coaching clients… just like you.

The Most Important Financial Questions You May Ever Ask Yourself…

  • If I keep repeating the same financial habits from the past 5 years, where will I be 5 years from now? 10 years from now? What needs to change?
  • Am I tired of trial and error and ready to follow a systematic, proven blueprint instead?
  • What will be different this time compared to the other times I tried?
  • Do I want more freedom so that I can do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want?
  • Is something holding me back from producing the financial results I know I’m capable of?
  • Do I have the desire and willingness to do the work necessary to become wealthy in this lifetime?
  • Would I like to collaborate and exchange ideas, resources, and insights with other high level achievers so I’m not doing this all alone?

If you see answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s just a matter of picking the correct next Step based on your needs to get started now.

What Step Are You On?

First off, you need to know it doesn’t matter where you’re currently at on this path.

  • In debt, or struggling to get out?
  • Reasonably successful, but not converting that success into wealth?
  • Already retired, but looking for more?
  • Beginning investor, but wanting to go to the next level?
  • Serious investor, but wanting more returns with less risk?

The reality is, if you’ve spent the time to read this far, you’re likely serious about achieving some level of financial freedom. That means you’ll benefit from a process that simplifies your journey and makes it far more efficient.

Efficiency = less time required to achieve greater results, and more freedom.

Each of 7 Steps is a stand-alone course designed to solve a specific problem in the wealth building journey and produce a specific outcome. The entire 7 Steps curriculum provides one big transformation – financial independence – that is broken down into multiple smaller transformations that must occur to reach the goal.

The only difference between participants is which step you pick as your starting point based on where you’re at in your wealth building journey right now. That will tell you which specific solution is the appropriate next step for you.

While I encourage you to take each step in order based on what your situation shows is the right starting point today, there is no requirement and some people prefer to skip certain steps. You select the entry point that best fits your needs and progress at your own pace.

Pick Your Starting Point…

From this day forward, think of yourself as a “Wealth Engineer” preparing to implement an already proven blueprint to achieving financial freedom in 7-15 years.

You just need to pick the correct starting point in this journey based on your needs.

The way it works is each step in this series builds logically upon the previous step similar to building a home. First the land is cleared, then the foundation is set, then the walls go up, and then the roof.

It is the same with your wealth.

You can’t put the roof on until everything else occurs before it to support the roof. And if you build all of it on a shaky foundation then it’s just a waste of time. There is a logical progression to follow… in wealth building as well as house construction.

Let’s look at each of the steps now so you can pick the correct starting point for your needs…

Personal & Financial Foundation For Wealth

Every home starts with clearing the land and building the foundation.

That’s because the depth and strength of your foundation is the limiting factor for the height of your structure. The same is true with wealth building. Your financial freedom is limited by the depth and strength of your personal and financial foundation.

Step 1 is the financial half of your foundation and Step 2 is the personal half.

Notice how Steps 1 and 2 work together to create a complete foundation. If you just got these two steps right all the remaining steps (3-7) would naturally follow and you’ll likely succeed financially.

Conversely, if you don’t get these two steps right then everything that follows will be more difficult and wrought with problems and setbacks no different than a house built without a strong foundation will always stand on unstable ground, literally.

Step 1: Financial Foundation – Basic Financial Planning

Basic financial planning forms the essential financial foundation to wealth building and is the first step in constructing your financial freedom.

Step 1 answers the question, “How do I get my financial house in order so that financial freedom is even a practical possibility?”

It includes all the basics like:

  • How to create a savings plan you can stick with.
  • The proper use of insurance and how to avoid rip-offs.
  • How to become completely debt free (including no mortgage) in 5-8 years.
  • How to optimize every buying decision using the “No-Budget” budget.
  • The foundational principles of good tax planning.
  • The proper use of credit.
  • Beginner investing.
  • Beginning risk management (because the unexpected should be expected).

The goal of this step is to take back control of your personal finances – personal finance 101 – so that you have a deep and solid foundation you can build your financial freedom on top of.

(Learn more about how to build your financial foundation here… Note: This course is coming soon, but not yet available. Please sign up to the free newsletter here to receive first notification when it becomes available.)

Step 2 – 33 Habitudes of the Wealthy

This Step is the personal side of your wealth building foundation.

The reality is you spend nearly all your waking hours earning money, managing money, spending money, or consuming what you purchased with your money.

Your personal habitudes (habits + attitudes) determine how well you make those 100’s of decisions every day.

It works just like those compound return charts showing you how saving a dollar a day at X percent will make you a millionaire in Y years. The principle is that small changes compounded over long periods, produces extraordinary results, and it is 100% true.

Now, just imagine what is possible if you put that principle to work on the 100’s of small decisions you make every day. What you’ll quickly realize is Habitudes are the absolute easiest way to achieve any personal or financial goal you desire, including financial freedom.

This Step is admittedly straightforward to understand, but don’t underestimate its power. This is literally how you take your financial freedom goal from a question of “if” to the certainty of “when”. Best of all, it requires no extra effort, money, or time, because all gains come through improved efficiency.

(Learn more about the Habitudes of the Wealthy course here…)

How To Create Your Wealth – Plan & Action

If Steps 1-2 formed your foundation, Steps 3-4 are how you frame the structure of your building.

These two steps go to the heart of a common misconception about financial freedom – that it’s all about investing. It’s not. (That will be covered later in Steps 5-6.)

The way financial freedom actually works is you must first create the wealth somewhere, then it must be translated over to your personal assets, before it can be invested for growth.

Step 3 shows you how to design your personalized plan to create your wealth, and Step 4 shows you how to take massive action on that plan with enough persistence to actually produce your wealth.

Again, notice how Step 3 is the tactical side of the equation, and step 4 is the personal side for implementation (just like in steps 1 & 2). That’s what separates these courses. They combine tactical instruction with the required personal implementation to provide a complete solution so you actually get the result.

Step 3: Design Your Personalized Wealth Plan

Step 3 is the blueprint for creating your wealth. It serves the exact same function as the blueprints of your home that show the carpenter how all the pieces efficiently fit together to form the house.

Just imagine trying to build a house without a plan? It would be wasteful, inefficient, and the end result would come out poorly. Isn’t that exactly how most people approach wealth building?

In Step 3 you’ll design your personalized plan to grow your wealth using the building materials of your unique skills, resources, and interests, and then nailing them all together with proven wealth building principles that work.

Your wealth plan answers the question, “How will I get from where I am now to where I want to be in the future?”

Your wealth plan integrates all three asset categories – business/career, real estate, and paper assets – with all three phases of the financial freedom process – wealth creation, wealth translation, and wealth growth – to create a comprehensive plan that converts your wealth from a dream into something that is actionable and feels totally real.

The wrong plan will virtually guarantee failure, and no plan will produce random results. It’s got to be the right plan – your personal plan for wealth.

(Learn more about how to create your wealth plan here…)

Step 4: How to Take Massive Action to Achieve Your Financial Freedom Goals

Once you have your blueprint for wealth from Step 3, it’s time to start cutting wood and pounding nails to frame the house. In short, it’s time to take action – lots of it.

Just as a house is not built in a day, neither is your wealth. It’s a marathon – not a sprint – so taking massive and persistent action is what separates winners from wannabes.

There are three obstacles you must clear to take massive and persistent action:

  • You must commit to your goal (but not like you think, it’s a very specific type of commitment)
  • You must overcome your limiting beliefs (for most people, this is way more important than you realize).
  • You must structure your environments to literally pull you toward your goal (few people put this principle to work for them).

You can think of these three principles as a three legged stool where all three legs are required to stand strong. If any one leg is broken or wobbly, the entire stool will collapse. You need all three or you won’t make enough progress to succeed.

What you’ll discover in overcoming these three obstacles is an entirely different technology for goal achievement that reduces waste, needless friction, and inefficiency so that you reach your goals faster and with less effort.

You either develop these three skills so that you routinely get around the obstacles that stand between you and your financial freedom goals, or you get derailed and fail.

It’s how you take your wealth plan from Step 3 and convert it into results. It’s just that simple.

(Learn how to take massive action to achieve your wealth goals here…)

Invest Smart To Grow Your Wealth

Now we finally get to the sexy part of financial freedom – investing your wealth.

This is the equivalent of putting the roof and siding on your house, and getting everything painted and sealed so it can provide all the protection and security you wanted.

Just as a home without roof, siding, and paint will quickly deteriorate, so will wealth that isn’t properly invested. Investing is how you grow the purchasing power of your wealth faster than inflation to provide long-term financial security.

In short, you can get everything else right, but if you fail at these two steps then all your efforts were for nothing.

Step 5 covers advanced paper asset investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) showing you how to go beyond traditional passive index, asset allocation by adding layers of risk management and expectancy on top of that solid foundation to improve returns and reduce risk.

Step 6 provides a collection of advanced investment topics that don’t fit neatly in Step 5 and aren’t required to achieve your goals. However, when you reach more advanced stages of financial freedom and high net worth then these topics become interesting.

Combined, these two steps provide you with knowledge essential to grow your wealth in excess of inflation for long-term financial security.

Step 5: Expectancy Investing – A Scientific Investment Strategy That Makes More By Risking Less

Traditional low cost, passive index, asset allocation is a smart starting point for paper asset investing. If you’re new to investing then that is the correct place to start, and it is all taught in Step 1. It is very simple to learn and well proven.

When you’re ready to take your investing to the next level and build on the shoulders of this fundamentally sound strategy, then Step 5 is your solution.

You’ll discover how to apply the principles of expectancy and risk management to make more by risking less. The truth is mathematical expectancy determines the profits in your portfolio. The only question is whether you put it to work for you, or not.

This course teaches you the science of investing so you can go the next step beyond “buy, hold, and pray” and no longer be stuck on the roller coaster of uncontrolled risk. It shows you how to reliably grow your assets faster than inflation destroys them, while sleeping peacefully at night.

This is the multiplier step – do it right and all your efforts are magnified through compounding: do it wrong and all your efforts are wasted.

(Learn more about Expectancy Investing here…)

Step 6: Alternative Investment Strategies

Think of Step 6 as extra insulation and a security system for your home. They aren’t required to enjoy a beautiful home, but they can make it more comfortable and secure to live in.

Step 6 teaches investment strategies that are usually of interest to people after they achieve wealth and want an added level of security and confidence. It is about subtleties and refinements, not essentials.

  • For example, when your investment objective changes from maximum growth to inflation adjusting income you can never outlive, what is the best way to achieve that objective?
  • If you want increased security by diversifying your asset base outside of traditional paper assets and/or your domestic currency, what are the best strategies?
  • How can you transfer longevity risk, currency risk, and investment risk to a counter-party?

These are questions that become compelling as financial freedom approaches, but aren’t essential to getting the house built in the first place.

(Learn more about Alternative Investment Strategies here…)

Step 7: How To Live True Wealth And Personal Freedom

Now that you’ve built your house, it is time to enjoy living in it.

Step 7 is about your life. It’s about enjoying the house because here’s the funny thing about wealth…

Nobody really wants more money. What you want is what you think money will give you.

Step 7 answers the question, “So now that you’re a millionaire, so what?”

Before financial freedom you always had a laundry list of reasons you should be unhappy: the boss is a jerk, you can’t afford something, not enough time, or some other reason.

Once you achieve financial freedom all those excuses are stripped away. You quickly realize the goal was never monetary anyway. That’s why so many retirees fall into depression or return to work after the 6-15 month retirement honeymoon is over. They climb the ladder to success only to realize it was leaning against the wrong wall.

There is more to personal freedom, fulfillment, and happiness than is superficially obvious. It’s not about living the “pro-leisure circuit” lifestyle.

This course shows you how to get what you truly wanted in the first place – personal freedom and true wealth.  It shows you how to enjoy the wealth you built in Steps 1-6.

(Learn more about personal freedom and true wealth here…)

How Are These Courses Different From What’s Already Out There?

I’m not a bank, credit repair company, stockbroker, credit consolidation service, financial advisor, or any of the other biased sources of financial information where the real goal is to sell you some sort of financial product. (You can learn more about me here.)

The only thing I have to sell you is this education.

This is about you mastering BOTH the personal and tactical side of wealth building.

It is the whole enchilada – no cross sells, up sells, back-end sells, bait-and-switches, or other marketing gimmicks.

Instead, this is exactly what it claims to be – a step-by-step blueprint for building wealth developed over 15 years of working with actual coaching clients and a lifetime of studying the subject.

It’s not a get-rich-quick plan. It’s a complete course of instruction for people who are serious and want to take action.

Every lesson is proven to produce real-world results first with my own life, and then with my coaching clients. Nothing is theoretical.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is desire: The goal and the dream to build a better life for you and your family and the willingness to learn and take action to reach that goal.

What Can You Expect?

Each of the 7 steps in this course is a separate, private membership site with video instruction, downloadable audio, and PDF transcripts so you can learn conveniently, from wherever you are in the world (and wherever you are in the wealth building process).

You’ll get a lifetime membership to an online, self-paced, self-study, step-by-step set of instructions so you can learn at your own pace, without feeling overwhelmed.

It also includes a private Facebook group to collaborate with like-minded wealth builders so you aren’t traveling this journey alone.

You get office hours with Todd so you can connect directly with the course author and get your personal questions answered. You are never left alone in this journey.

The learning modules are carefully planned and structured so you aren’t left to fumble through and figure it out on your own.

You get checklists, homework exercises, action guides, and visual aids to simplify the learning process and resource lists for further study if you want to dive deeper (or you can ignore them since the course is complete without).

Finally, it includes accountability, coaching, and community support to bridge the gap between education and action so you actually get the reinforcement you need and the results you want.

Why You Should Start Now…

You either plan your life to result in financial freedom, or you don’t.

Failing to plan is actually planning to fail because procrastination is the world’s greatest wealth killer.

Every day you wait to get started makes your financial goals more difficult to achieve because it burns your greatest asset – time – the one thing that is irreplaceable.

If you want to provide more for your family and security for yourself then you are in the right place.

This is a step-by-step roadmap to financial freedom so you can successfully clear the hurdles and avoid the potholes that inevitably pop up along the way. It is a single, comprehensive, soup-to-nuts, structured learning process showing you the way to succeed with security and confidence.

Let’s face it. You don’t need another seminar. And you don’t need more books or articles.

What you need is results. You need a structured learning environment with the right people, systems, and information to pull you toward your goals with the least effort and resistance possible.

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines and under-performing your potential then this course is for you.

If you are tired of all the contradictory information and biased half-truths then you are in the right place.

And if you have any hesitation, then just know that each course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so you are never at risk.

What are you waiting for? Discover how to engineer your own wealth plan by picking the right course for you now!