Seven Steps To Seven Figures

What is Seven Steps To Seven Figures?7 Steps To 7 Figures

  • It is a private membership program providing seven, separate, 90 day coaching courses teaching you a step-by-step blueprint to achieve financial freedom. Think of it as the advanced education about money, finance and wealth building that your college should have taught – but never did.
  • Each step is a 90 day group coaching program and will include an educational manual complete with exercises along with video instruction.
  • There will also be a forum where you can interact with other participants, and you will receive audio recordings of group teleclasses where you can listen to students just like you overcoming the same issues you will face when mastering these skills.
  • This is a complete package of support tools and education including scheduled office hours with Todd so that you can take your next step on the road to financial freedom with confidence and security. It is not get-rich-quick. It is serious study and action steps for people who are serious about achieving financial freedom in this lifetime. It is financial freedom for smart people.
  • First step available in Spring 2014 – watch the newsletter for a special, one-time-only offer to take the course live with Todd as your personal instructor.