How To Start Financial Coaching

Elite Athletes Have Coaches. Shouldn’t Elite Business Owners and Investors?

Whether you are competing in business or the financial markets, you need a competitive advantage to help you reach your personal best. One-on-one personal financial coaching gives you that advantage.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.”– William Jennings Bryan

With personal financial coaching you are mentored over the telephone on your schedule at your convenience. You will enjoy the support and privacy of an experienced, personal mentor standing by your side as you journey toward financial freedom.

3 Steps to Start Personal Financial Coaching

Getting started is simple…

  1. Check availability here to see if there is an opening (We limit the number of one-one-one clients we work with so this page is regularly updated with current availability status).
  2. Pre-qualify yourself here to make sure you fit the profile of a successful financial coaching client.
  3. Request your free strategy session here so that we can get to know each other better, discuss your goals and needs, and make sure the fit is right before proceeding with actual coaching.

The first two steps lead up to the strategy session which is the final step in the pre-qualification process. Paid personal financial coaching only begins once everyone agrees it makes sense to proceed. We never charge for your initial strategy session and you are never under any obligation; however, we do ask that you respect our time by reading the pre-qualification article first to make sure you are a likely candidate for financial coaching. It explains who benefits the most from financial coaching and should proceed to a strategy session to determine if our coaching style fits your needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Work With a Financial Coach?

All new clients begin with 3 coaching calls per month until their financial foundation is established, wealth plan is formulated, and they are taking regular action toward building wealth. This usually takes 2-3 months depending on the individual situation. Call frequency is then dropped to 2 calls per month saving you time and money (see below).

3 Calls Per Month – $1750

Here’s what you get…

  • 3 regularly scheduled private coaching calls per month with Todd.
  • Email support between regular coaching calls.
  • This service is where new coaching clients typically start and usually continues for 2-3 months. It is perfect for designing your wealth plan, getting clear on your path, and moving into action. Once your foundation is built call frequency and cost is usually reduced (see “2 Calls” program below).

2 Calls Per Month – $1200

Here’s what you get…

  • 2 regularly scheduled private coaching calls per month with Todd.
  • Email support between regular coaching calls.
  • This service is only available to clients who have already established their financial foundation with a wealth plan in place (see “3 Calls” above). Clients choose this call frequency because it keeps costs affordable while providing the long-term support necessary to succeed. (Plus, the truth is I’m a pretty intense coach so 2 calls a month is usually more than enough.)

All coaching services are guaranteed and there is never any long-term financial commitment, contractual obligation, or up-front fee like many other mentoring programs. You pay only for the services you use, and you can quit at anytime with no further obligation.

Next Steps To Get Started…

“Todd’s coaching has directly helped me (1) purchase two properties and increase the equity over $300,000 (2) learn to manage the numbers in my business to remain profitable even in the slow season (3) negotiate deals that have saved me tens of thousands of dollars including most recently saving $2,700 on a vehicle that was already priced below blue book (4) hire a former CEO of an advertising agency as our VP of Sales and Marketing and structure a deal to lower my risk by only paying for future growth as it puts money in my pocket.”– Dan Cosgrove; CEO, Mercantile Systems; Brentwood, CA

Obviously, there are a limited number of clients we can personally work with so please be patient if no spots are open. To find out about current availability for personal financial coaching, waiting lists, and to receive instructions for scheduling your no-cost, no-obligation strategy session click here or in the box below.

Clicking this link will take you to a page that is regularly updated with current availability status. If a spot is open the page will provide complete instructions on how to schedule your appointment for a strategy session. If there are no spots available it will provide you with the opportunity to place your name on a waiting list.

Remember, financial intelligence is the million dollar skill that doesn’t cost a million dollars. Give yourself a head-start and accelerate your learning curve years ahead by employing the competitive advantage of your own personal financial coaching.

Click here to see if we are currently accepting new financial coaching clients and to arrange your appointment for a free strategy session.

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How To Start Financial Coaching…

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