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52 Weeks To Financial Freedom Email Course Image52 Weeks To Financial Freedom E-Course

No, you won’t get rich in just one year, but you will get a complete blueprint of the wealth building process conveniently delivered to your inbox. Every week you’ll benefit from succinct lessons on topics ranging from designing your wealth plan to advanced investment strategy. Each lesson provides insights not found anywhere else on this web site, and can only be found in this course.

Free Book on Wealth Building Image18 Essential Lessons From A Self-Made Millionaire

Much of the conventional wisdom you believe about investing and building wealth is a dangerous half-truth that can cost you a fortune. In this easy-to-read ebook you will discover how to save time and money on your journey to wealth by avoiding the most obvious pitfalls. Each  lesson comes direct from Todd’s personal journey as well as helping coaching clients to do the same.

Calculator ImageFinancial Calculators

80 free financial calculators to help you plan retirement, invest smart, get out of debt, grow your savings, and manage your personal finances. These calculators make the math behind wealth building point-and-click easy and provide one of the most comprehensive collections of financial calculators found anywhere on the internet.

Financial Mentor Podcast ImagePodcast/Audio Training

Let’s face it – there is more to learn than time to learn it. Audio is a great way to grow your financial intelligence conveniently – in your car or while working out. Learn how to build wealth at your convenience. Each lesson can be downloaded for later listening or you can conveniently subscribe at Itunes.

Free Financial Advice ImageAsk Todd

Get free financial advice from a financial expert by asking Todd your single most important question about investing, personal finance, retirement planning or financial freedom. Seriously! I really will answer your questions and not charge you a thing. Give it a try.

Recommended Resource List ImageRecommended Tools

The best way to find the best stuff is by referral from the people you trust. Here’s your chance to get inside Todd’s personal Rolodex and find out what he uses to run his finances and this business.

Free Investment Newsletter ImageWealth Minute Newsletter

This free educational newsletter delivers financial insights in bite-sized chunks to your inbox so you can conveniently grow your financial intelligence every month. Don’t worry, your email address will be kept strictly private and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Fun, Interactive Financial Self-Test ImageThe Money Wheel

This fun, free interactive financial planning program will walk you through a series of quick questions and determine where your wealth plan is out of balance and what areas of your financial life need the most attention. Better to learn now before it costs you money.

Recommended Reading ImageRecommended Reading

Everyone is always asking what books I recommend. So I put together this recommended reading list organized by category – from wealth building to beginning investing to retirement planning – it’s all here.