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4 Rule Safe Withdrawal Rates In Retirement
The 4% Rule and Safe Withdrawal Rates In RetirementIf retirement is looming close or if you're looking for financial freedom at any age, you need to know the answer to this critical question: What is the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from savings without running out of money before you run out of life? In just one evening, you'll learn:
  • how not knowing the limitations of the 4% rule can leave you broke.
  • how to know the exact amount you can withdraw from your savings - safely.
  • how to leapfrog past the 4% rule using the latest research.
  • how to create a dynamic model that accurately calculates your safe withdrawal rate.
how much money do I need to retire
How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? This book takes you behind the scientific facade of modern retirement planning to reveal:
  • Why most estimates for how much you need to retire are a case of garbage-in garbage-out causing you to either overspend and run out of money or underspend so that you never enjoy your savings.
  • The 5 critical assumptions that can destroy your financial security. Which one are you making?
  • 3 models for estimating how much money you need to retire (your financial planner only knows 1 and it’s not the best).
  • How to reduce the amount you need to retire by $300,000–$600,000 or more.
  • How Monte Carlo calculators cause a dangerous deception that can leave you broke.
  • Explains step-by-step how to accurately calculate the amount of money you need to retire—the very first time you try, simply, and without being a math genius.
  • No computer, software, or online calculators necessary—it’s that simple.
Financial Coach
Don't Hire a Financial Coach! (Until You Read This Book)Get an insider’s view behind the scenes of the financial coaching industry revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Discover how to get the best value for your money in financial education services - whether books, seminars, CDs, or coaching. In this book you'll discover:
  • 7 rules for buying financial education that pays you more than it costs.
  • 12 warning signs that you're dealing with a “dream merchant” instead of a legitimate coaching company.
  • 3 steps to choosing the right money coaching service that exactly fits your personal needs and style.
  • 15 reasons why it pays to grow your financial intelligence.
  • How to choose between group financial coaching and individual financial coaching so you get the right fit for your situation.
  • 7 ways that smart coaching clients maximize the value they get from their money coaching experience.
Variable Annuity Pros and Cons
Variable Annuity Pros & ConsThis is the information your variable annuity salesman doesn’t want you to know! In 60 minutes you’ll learn:
  • The critical differences between variable annuities and fixed annuities.
  • 10 essential features of variable annuities and how they’re commonly misrepresented (learn their real worth).
  • Why most people should never buy one.
  • How to analyze a variable annuity contract.
  • 3 key characteristics of variable annuities that could make or break your investment decision.
  • Simplify the investment decision process with a unique 17-question, step-by-step guide.
  • 5 investment situations where variable annuities make sense--and why all other investors should avoid them.
  • 14 questions that could indicate you’re a victim of variable annuity sales fraud (and what you should do about it).
  • 3 things you can do if you already bought a variable annuity--but wish you had not.
Investment Fraud
Investment Fraud: How Financial "Experts" Rip You Off And What To Do About It Either you discover how investment fraud works or you become a victim. It’s easy to think it will never happen to you, but financial fraud is so common that the opposite is likely true.In just one evening’s worth of reading you’ll discover:
  • A 15-question test to determine your risk for becoming the next investment fraud victim.
  • The top 26 warning signs that your investment may be a scam.
  • 16 investment frauds you can easily avoid when you know how to recognize them.
  • The 11 ways stockbrokers steal from you.
  • The underhanded methods Wall Street uses to take money from your investment account without you knowing—and it’s all 100% legal.
  • A step-by-step due diligence checklist for preventing investment fraud. No more guessing or fumbling.

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