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I have learned more from Todd about investing and maximizing my internet-based business, LifeCoach.Com, than I have with any other coach I’ve worked with in the past 17 years, and I’ve worked with quite a few coaches!

Talane MiedanerAuthor of "Coach Yourself To Success" and Founder of LifeCoach.Com

I’m so thankful you coached me about the risk in those ATM deals. It saved my portfolio. I managed to get the bulk of my investment back and was just waiting on the last contract to expire. Unfortunately, the last check bounced so it is looking like I won’t get my last refund or any future payments. I barely got out soon enough to come out ahead, but with the refunds and payments I did receive I am very much in the black. Thanks for coaching me in the right direction.

Name Withhelddue to legal risks from other investors who did lose everything

I rarely do this (if ever!) but in your case I felt truly inspired to email you about your website. I especially love this page because I used to coach independent financial professionals on their marketing and business development, and I’ve never seen a financial professional who shares so much quality, straight-forward, down-to-earth information that truly helps the consumer choose where to get their financial information, and why.

And since I’m in the coaching/information marketing field, I’ve also seen so many ridiculously priced, how-to based, could-find-in-any-$25-book coaching programs (financially related or otherwise). It’s completely refreshing to read a well-written article on the different ways to get information and support!

So thank you! Wonderful site, and I’ll be sharing it and you with others!

Sue Rasmussen,

Thanks Todd. I am loving your site and all the information. I have been to hundreds of sites and spent hundreds of hours reading up on retirement planning, wealth building, and investing. Your site is by far the most comprehensive and useful. I found your site at 10 pm about the time I go to bed. I didn’t go to sleep until 1 am. It is like drinking water out of a fire hose. Great stuff! Can’t wait to see what you send over the next 52 weeks.

Tom Sanger (Anonymous reader - Unknown address)

The standard approach to diversify and “invest for the long term” essentially guaranteed me losses in the short term given today’s (2014) high market valuations. That didn’t feel right to me. Todd’s course gave me a realistic wealth plan. Before the course had completed I had saved more than the cost by avoiding portfolio losses. I would wholeheartedly recommend Todd and his approach to anyone who is looking to learn how to properly self-direct their investments.

Russell ThomasRio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I started on this journey with Todd, my husband and I had no wealth or retirement plan and we were living paycheck to paycheck. In just one short year Todd helped us reduce our expenses by 30% AND create a wealth plan that is based entirely on REALITY; in fact, we’re already half way through implementing it!

I initially hesitated at the cost of the coaching sessions, but using just one of Todd’s negotiation techniques saved $40K on a real estate deal so the coaching has more than paid for itself.

Sabrina Gottlieb GeldmacherLos Angeles, CA.

I just wanted to say a great THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for helping me this last 6 months. I knew I wanted to retire and do something with my money but felt lost and uncertain. I used to think investing was just about diversifying and asset allocation, but you gave me a grander view and the confidence to run my own portfolio. Your course was well honed-out, all the pieces fit together, and the learning steps were in the right order. And you were the right person to teach it to me!

Vo ToHouston, Texas

I was reviewing my notes and realized how much more confidence and less anxiety I feel toward investing now. I wish I had known this information 10 or 15 years ago. It would have made an enormously positive impact on my retirement planning.

Robert Thompson RetiredBoston, MA.

I was in the financial services industry for 28 years until retirement a few years ago. I can safely say that I haven’t seen anything you’ve written to readers that isn’t sound thinking, useful to the reader, or something I wouldn’t have wanted to tell my investment clients. Keep up the great work!

Tom BassoFormer President of Trendstat Capital Management and featured in "Market Wizards" book

The Financial Mentor newsletter is now the only online newsletter I read – and previously I received 8-10/week. The information here is not found elsewhere, and I especially appreciate the “pushing information and financial knowledge” rather than simply another sales pitch disguised as an informative newsletter. The emphasis on risk reduction is particularly relevant now, and for the long term.

Jonathan LaineTruckee, California


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