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“Todd helped me develop and execute three paths to financial freedom, one of which I have fully put into place in less than one year. Todd taught me how to define financial freedom for me, and he helped me vastly improve my financial knowledge and confidence. With his support and guidance, I developed three separate paths based on my interests and passions. He guided me as I explored and learned about each of the paths and got clear about specific plans to accomplish success on each path.

I feel empowered and capable of executing each plan in a very short time-frame (one to five years). When the first plan was solidly in place, it felt incredible to know that soon I will not need a traditional job for my livelihood and can fully pursue new interests. Now I know how financial freedom can truly be life-changing.

I have worked with several coaches over the past seven years, and Todd has been the absolute best at pushing me to accomplish more in the financial area of my life than I had ever imagined possible. Todd motivated me to set high expectations and make big accomplishments, and he knows how to get results.

Carolee Laffoon, New Orleans, LA


“I have been a buy and hold investor my entire life deeply trained in the traditional techniques. In addition, I’ve worked with investment advisors in the past who would typically recommend funds, securities, or products, and how much I should invest. This always left me feeling like I was given a piece of the puzzle but never knew how all the pieces fit together. With Todd, I feel relief having finally put the whole puzzle together. The advanced investment strategies I learned give me control over my financial future so that my retirement and financial security no longer hinge on the next move in the financial markets. In addition, the techniques are simple enough that I can implement them myself with a full career and family obligations.”

Senior Executive with a Large Mutual Fund Company, who must remain anonymous for compliance reasons


“I wish I would have started financial coaching with Todd two years earlier – before I lost $50,000 following the advice of the “do it my way” gurus. Not only is he helping me create a tailor fit wealth building strategy that suits me, but he also taught me exactly how I went wrong, and why I made those mistakes to begin with – something you don’t get anywhere else. Todd’s wealth building approach is so fundamentally sound that you begin applying it to every area of your life and you are left wondering why none of the gurus are telling you this stuff. His approach is truly refreshing, motivating and empowering. Thanks, Todd.”

Jeff Adams, Investor, Denver, CO


“Todd helped increase my net worth my more than $300,000 in one call. I wanted to list my house with the same real estate agent I had used several times in the past. Todd helped me see that I needed to get opinions from different agents to establish my listing price, especially since it was such a unique property. He also helped me negotiate a free rent-back provision and other terms that would have left several thousand dollars on the table without his coaching. Having someone on the outside with level-headed feedback was enormously helpful on my path to financial independence.”

Daniela S. Bryan; Owner, DBCoach.Com, Santa Cruz, CA


“Even though I have 21 years more experience in the investment business, I don’t know anyone with more wisdom than Todd. His perspective and talents shifted my whole investment company and helped me multiply monthly cash flow ten times from $5,000 per month to $50,000 per month. If I were to hire anyone to run my business, Todd would be the first on my list.”

Gary Craig, Entrepreneur and Former Hedge Fund Owner, The Sea Ranch, CA


“Because of your expert advice and experience in risk management, you saved me $40,000 in losses on a real estate investment. Having you as a financial coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Jennifer Dickens, Real Estate Investor, Los Angeles, CA


“Todd’s coaching has directly helped me:

  • Purchase two properties and increase the equity over $300,000.
  • Learn to manage the numbers in my business to remain profitable even in the slow season.
  • Negotiate deals that have saved me tens of thousands of dollars including most recently saving $2,700 on a vehicle that was already priced below blue book.
  • Hire a former CEO of an advertising agency as our VP of Sales and Marketing and structure the deal to lower my risk by only paying for future growth as it puts money in my pocket.

But the real value from my coaching relationship with Todd came from the changing of my thoughts. I have learned many techniques that I will benefit from and the balance I have gained in my life is something that not every coach can teach. I would recommend Todd for anyone who is serious about changing the way they do things. He will not waste your time or his.”

Dan Cosgrove; CEO, Mercantile Systems, Brentwood, CA


“My wife and I have been working with Todd over the past few months, and I can tell you that he is the kind of financial health care professional that sugar coats nothing, challenges everything, and forces his clients to face reality and get serious about making better choices for financial health. He does not offer pills or quick fixes. No get rich quick schemes here, because there is no such thing. What he provides is hard but effective real world education based in experience and reality – life and mind-set changing stuff.

I have to admit that when we started working together, I had a lot of resistance to what he was teaching us. It was not easy to face my true financial self, warts, bulges and all, to really see who I was financially. I have started to come around as Todd has helped me face reality and open my eyes. It’s been an emotional and very difficult experience for me, but as we start to head in the right direction, life is starting to become exciting rather than just drudgery in so many ways. And at the end of the day, having an exciting life should be the goal of financial freedom anyway, I think.

Todd did not ask me for this endorsement and I am not being compensated for it in any way. This is the real deal. If you have been thinking about getting some financial education or coaching, I cannot imagine a more effective option than Todd. I highly recommend you give him a chance to show you what he has shown me.”

Garry Davis, Attorney (, Dallas, TX


“Just wanted to thank you for your advice about (name withheld for legal reasons). I recently cashed $220K out of his deals making over 20%. The money was over a month late but arrived. A real estate lawyer thought it was the worst contract he had ever seen; from the first sentence he knew it was bogus. Working with you really helped even though in hindsight it was so apparent it was a scam. I got an education and learned to do my due diligence and let the numbers be the basis for my decision.”

Name Withheld for Legal Reasons. This scam was uncovered and shut down by the S.E.C. afterwards. Investors who did not get out early lost everything.


“I only coached with Todd for a few months four years ago and I am still benefiting from the experience as I complete my fourth positive cash flow real estate deal. I am well on my way to achieving my financial goals because of the focus and clarity that resulted from those coaching sessions years ago.”

Sally Trussell, EdD., Independent Investor, Littleton, MA


“I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much I appreciate your work. The podcasts that your are creating are awesome. I always look forward to seeing a note from you land in my inbox. I’ve learned so much from you, and your podcasts are a fine addition to my mobile classroom. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Tim Byerly, Subscriber and Wealth Builder


“I just found your website and I’m so thankful. One thing that blew my mind was your Secret To Happiness post. I too thought that retirement and freedom would make all my problems go away. I fell over when you correctly explained why I was wrong. For the last several years my only goal was to retire. 7 weeks after leaving my stressful job there was no magic happiness. So I’m off to make your post part of my day and find my happiness. Thanks for the eye opener. I love the hundreds of resources on your website.”

Casey Oesterlein, Redlands, CA


“One year of working with Todd has produced more and greater results than the hundreds of self-help books I have read over the past 45 years.”

Stephen Klink, Oakland, CA


“I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday and for sharing your expertise. You gave me some much needed focus on what options are best for my specific situation. And I particularly appreciated the clarity of your advice and your honesty in assessing my coaching needs without pitching me.”

Yann Vernier, London, England


“I wanted to share the good news with you. We are sending off a check tomorrow that will put to rest the last of our credit card debt. It is a surreal feeling, but a moment we’ve been looking forward to for two years now. We couldn’t have done it without your help – we owe you many thanks. And since you walked through so much of it with us, we wanted you to be the first to know. Thanks again.”

Name Withheld By Request, OR


“Everything you’ve said in the past – repeatedly – is 100% true. Create the system and persistently work it to produce the result. From your counsel, I’ve (1) created a website that has earned me approximately $200,000… money I would otherwise not have received; (2) generated another $30,000 from “feet on the street” marketing efforts.”

George Dickerman, Attorney, (, Riverside, CA


“Your knowledge of business resources and finance opens up doors I didn’t even know existed. I feel more confidence and safety in my decisions because your contrarian style of questioning gets me to really look and understand a situation from all angles.”

Loral Langemeier, President, Choice Performance, Inc., San Rafael, CA


“Creating and maintaining wealth is a simple formula and not a mystery. Todd Tresidder has that formula. He makes it so easy that my two young children started implementing his systems.”

Beth Dispenza, Entrepreneur, Malibu CA


“In just 12 months of coaching we accomplished the goals we set out to achieve and got more than we expected. We expected you to teach us how to take our real estate investing to the next level – which you did. You helped us save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding many mistakes and getting us to question our thinking and approach deals in different ways. You gave us tons of investment strategy tips, and kept us focused until we got the right deal. We feel emotionally grounded; we know what we are doing and why; we know how to control risk; how to save thousands through skilled negotiating; and we have a complete action plan for years of future growth.

Another benefit was how the regularly scheduled coaching calls kept us accountable, moving forward, and there is no way we would have accomplished all this without your coaching. I’m so amazed at what has happened to us in just one short year. Thank you.”

Jeni & Eric Kurowski , Owners, CCR Storage, Willis, TX


“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know your financial coaching session on negotiating financing for my home was one of the best investments I ever made. I followed your process step by step and here are the results: no lock in fee, appraisal fee, credit report fee, doc prep fee and discounted other fees. Total savings on fees alone was $2,950 – not to mention a lower interest rate. It took me just three hours of research and phone calls. The investment I have made in your services has sure paid off, and thanks again for the advice.”

Jerry Fraize, President, Select Transaction Services, Inc., Coral Springs, FL


“Before we started the coaching process with Todd, we had an idea of where we wanted to go, but were having a hard time getting there. We had read books, attended a seminar or two, listened to tapes, and had even taken some actions steps. However, we still knew that to move forward more successfully we needed something more. Until we started the coaching process with Todd we didn’t know what that something was. It was this. We needed focus. Todd gives us that. We needed encouragement. He gives us that. We needed someone to take the mystery out of what we wanted to accomplish and he certainly does that. We needed to be able to “think outside the box” and he is a master at that. We are thankful for how he works with us and highly recommend him as a great coach.”

Roy and Loll Martinez, Owners, Construction Co., Greenville TX


“Your questions cut right through that little voice of doubt in my head and helped me get clear on the skills and thinking processes I need. My financial goals are no longer just a pipe dream. Now I have a road map of where I need to go, and I know how to get there.”

Jane E. Latimer, M.A. , Owner, The Aliveness Experience, Denver, CO


“You saved me from thousands of dollars in mistakes. You hone right in on the important issues. With your support I am gaining the skills and confidence I need to trust myself and make decisions.”

Greg Howe, President, Here’sHowe Consulting, San Francisco, CA


“The impact on me has been tremendous. I’m more “aware” now of my financial decisions and make conscious decisions about them. Rather than zero savings and increasing debt I’m now saving over $1,000 a month and my credit card bills are being paid off each month (funny how all that money seemed to disappear in the past), and I’m spending more time increasing my financial knowledge.”

C. Farren, Consultant, Pleasant Hill, CA


“Working with Todd as a financial coach had an immediate payoff. In the very first session the advice he provided saved us enough money to pay for his services for an entire year. We are very grateful to have realized such an immediate payoff for our investment with Todd.”

Gordon Darling , Entrepreneur, Rockport, ME


“My wife and I were recently shopping for a new car, an activity I have always hated. But after my session with you on negotiating skills, I understood the process much better and was able to come out feeling good about the results. Better still, I am sure that single coaching session saved me in excess of $5,000 on the purchase of my car. Needless to say, I am a VERY happy client.”

Roy Conley, Walnut Creek, CA


“The weekly call format of coaching keeps me focused. Every week is an opportunity to create enough value to pay for a year of coaching.”

David Anderson, Retired Investor, San Francisco, CA


“I have come across many roads in my life, business, real estate and investing where I needed guidance in simple terms, FAST. Who do I ALWAYS call? Todd Tresidder! The only coach and mentor I know that gives hard core excellent service based on YOUR values. He always gives more value than you will ever see anywhere else.

Jeanna Gabellini -, Owner,, Martinez, CA


“My impression of your abilities as coach and mentor are that you are solid, capable, experienced and sincerely committed to the visions and goals of your clients. I feel strongly that I made the right decision in partnering with you as my coach.”

Diane Butler, Independent Coach, Rocklin, CA


“The knowledge you shared about the mortgage lending game immediately saved me $7,000, lowered my risk over the life of the loan, and saved me hundreds in closing costs. But you have saved me much more than money. Your lessons on energy, focus, journey versus destination and personal financial principles have given me higher highs and higher lows which have really paid off over time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Valerie Casares , Brentwood, CA


“I just want to say how awesome it is working with you. To find a mentor with actual business experience, real estate, and financial background is huge. Not only that but your value to living a balanced life with your family. In the past I had become frustrated looking for a mentor with just one of these traits, much less to have the ability to teach and really mentor on top of that!

I have benefited more in the last year than the first six years in business. We will continue to grow in a controlled manner which I can clearly pin point why we are growing and how we are growing by adding value to our clients! Our financial situation is in awesome shape with monthly savings to retirement accounts, paying ourselves each month, and having reserves in the bank! Our knowledge of purchasing real estate is even unmatched by most realtors.

I can honestly say that in this last year I have made 20 times the amount I have paid you, and I fully expect this number to keep growing…”

Dan Cosgrove, President, Mercantile Systems and Surveys, Brentwood, CA


“I initially came to the coaching calls looking for you to tell me what to do because this is what I’ve done all my life. What I’ve really learned working with you is how I’m very capable of thinking and making decisions for myself.”

Nahrein David, Consultant, San Ramon CA


“I hired Todd for financial coaching, and I learned very quickly that I would benefit in several other areas of my life as well. In just five weeks it has already been a life changing experience. Todd has taught me to look at time and money with a whole different mind set. He has also given me the tools I needed to build stronger relationships with my spouse, business partner, friends and family. I am already seeing results, and my experience has been awesome.”

Shelley Canario, Independent Real Estate Agent, Gilroy, CA


“Thanks so much for your guidance. You really have a gift for cutting through the verbal and numeric distractions to make a complex subject clear.”

Mike Bergida, Realtor, VA


“I contacted Todd to become financially independent. In the first call he showed me how I was already financially free if I chose to see it that way. What we quickly discovered was the difference between the financial freedom I thought I wanted and the personal freedom I was truly seeking. It is the difference between financial wealth and true wealth. Thanks to Todd’s coaching I am quite a different person now. He has assisted me in taking a journey I expect to lead to amazing places – places I didn’t even know I wanted to venture toward when I began.”

Stephen Klink, Oakland, CA


“I can’t remember the last time I had someone blow my head off my shoulders like you did today on both the creativity and portfolio/finance topics. I really appreciate your help.”

Ken Turek , Attorney, San Diego, CA


“People want to be lead. We did and we sometimes hoped that in our coaching calls you would have the “magic answer”. You made us critical thinkers to find those answers ourselves. That is your strength. You are a great coach.”

Jeni & Eric Kurowski, Owners, CCR Storage, Willis, TX


“I got absolutely clear on both my financial strategy and the blocks that were holding me back from moving forward with my plans.”

Barry Bettman, CPPC, Owner, Success Coaching, Half Moon Bay, CA


“Many people claim to be “financial advisors” but we choose Todd because he has produced extraordinary results for himself and others using methods he has personally developed. In other words, he truly walks the talk.”

Patrick & Nancy Dean, Dean Seminars Intl., Dillon Beach, CA


“Working with you gives me the courage to enter into the financial jungle, and once there you provide me with the guidance I need to avoid getting caught in the quicksand.”

Greg Howe , President, Here’s Howe Consulting, San Francisco, CA


“After working with Todd for only a few weeks I have noticed great results in both my business and my life. Todd helps me bring all of my resistances to the forefront, and, working in unison with me, forges the tools to either overcome them or make them my ally. With Todd on my team, my wealth is assured!”

Mike Jerry, Solopreneur


My business was in crises and my mind was in a haze so the last thing I wanted to do was talk on the phone with a coach. Yet, after an hour with Todd, I was thinking clearly again, had defined actionable goals for the next week, and felt back on track with my business. Bottom line is we accomplished our goals within weeks, the crisis is behind me, and my business is stronger than ever. Coaching with Todd has paid for itself many times over.”

Dan Cosgrove, President, Mercantile Systems and Surveys, Brentwood CA


“Financial freedom seemed like so much work before, but now it seems so much more attainable. What I’ve learned through coaching was that I was already doing a lot of things right and just needed to shift a few things to really make it happen. Now I can see how to make money work for me rather than me work for money.”

Jennifer Dickens, Vice President Sales, Los Angeles CA


“I created specific and measurable results in just four sessions. After what I learned from you in the last session I think you are charging way to little dollars.”

Beth Dispenza, Entrepreneur, Malibu CA


“I was really impressed by the depth of your writing and the analysis that went through it. Keep up the good work.”

Philip Shah, Subscriber in India


“With Todd’s coaching I have been able to really integrate my personal vision and mission with my business objectives. In fact, for the first time in my 25+ year career, my business is truly driven by my deepest values and vision. I now feel that I am doing what I really want to do with my life. My clients sense my enthusiasm and the fire of my mission to be of real service to them. By the way, in the very first quarter of my business, I made more money than I have ever made as an employee, even in a career filled with VP level executive positions. I am thrilled.”

Jerry Llewellyn, President, Amera Consulting Group, Austin, TX


“Your coaching has given me many valuable insights – too many to name. However, I want to mention two: when making a purchase or analyzing financial options “shop and negotiate”. The way you teach this has saved me many times the cost of your services. Next, the meaning of “responsibility”. It does not mean accepting blame, but instead is about learning to accept things as they are or do something about them. The way you teach these two ideas has proven invaluable. Thanks, Todd.”

George Dickerman. Attorney, Riverside, CA


“You were a great sounding board during my recent investment property acquisition. Your questions saved me thousands of dollars by helping me to see parts of the deal that may have been overlooked. Your candid style and thorough approach to problem solving and due diligence was highly beneficial to my analysis.”

Will Mattox, Owner and President, Storage Parks Inc., Cheshire OR


“Todd is a master coach. He is extremely intelligent and resourceful, and will in each session take you to higher and higher levels of personal creativity and financial IQ. Working with him is an investment in your most important asset: yourself.

Ken Turek, Attorney, San Diego, CA


“When we started financial coaching Todd assessed our personal situation and helped us realize our goals were within reach now. We thought we needed to take five steps to get there, but instead we just focused and got it done. In less than six months we had our first major deal and we have a realistic plan to be financially free within two years or less. Todd’s coaching was invaluable, and best of all it never really cost us anything because just one tip he gave us on our last deal saved more than enough money to pay for all the coaching thus far.”

Eric & Jeni Kurowski, Owners, CCR Storage, Willis TX


“Thank you for giving of yourself and your knowledge and experience to citizens trying to get out of debt and create wealth for prosperity not only for themselves but also for all they believe in… I appreciate your generosity.”

Lin Ennis, Writer, Artist, Photographer, Sedona, AZ


“I was approaching 50, kids leaving for college, successful career with lifestyle to match, and had begun to question the financial path I was on. I wasn’t quite sure about my retirement or if I was prepared. What I thought of initially as just a a “financial exercise” with Todd became so much more. Through my coaching and time spent listening to his Podcasts and reading materials, I not only got the sound financial foundation and retirement clarity I was looking for, but I also got so much more. I’ve realized that happiness and achieving a vision for my life are actually more important than the financials. Than you Todd for helping me see how all of this is within my control through my decisions and actions.”

Senior Executive with a Large Mutual Fund Company, who must remain anonymous for compliance reasons


“I want to express my gratitude for sharing your financial wisdom and knowledge with me on our trial run phone call and again when I spoke with you briefly this week. I truly appreciated your clarity, perceptiveness and way of expressing. Your words have given me plenty to consider, as I reorganize my life and begin again financially. I have come to realize that only I can be responsible for my financial health and prosperity, regardless of marital status. Thank you so very much!”

Jamie McGregor, Deming, WA


“We just hit another break through as our business…(a paragraph long list of business milestones achieved). I hope you see these updates for what they actually are and that is this is happening because of the work we did together years ago. You helped us shift our thoughts and practices which made us look at ourselves and how we do things. This then helped us create the infrastructure and contracts that we have today.”

Dan Cosgrove, former client, Brentwood, CA


“I have learned so much from your site and really appreciate the thoughts on how to live. Your article That Is No Way To Succeed is framed and on my desk reminding me daily that while I don’t yet have the money I want, it certainly isn’t the only thing I should want. Thanks again for the great web site.”

Mark Kesler, Retired U.S. Military, Manila Philippines


“Thank you for helping me rediscover a confidence in my life that escaped my grasp in terms of planning for, building up and maintaining wealth. Your ideas on apartment building management added enough cash flow to my life in the first two months of coaching to make the process free for as long as I continue. Since that time you’ve helped me develop a realistic plan for both my businesses where succeeding with just one should make me financially free in 3 years. I’m excited to take action every week and turn these plans into reality. You have been much more than a financial mentor: you have been the voice of unbiased reason by always bringing me back to what counts. Thanks.”

Stephen Del Monte, Owner, DelMoSports, Wildwood NJ


“Within two months we had a financial freedom plan and started implementation. Just one of Todd’s suggestions in those first two months paid for 6 months coaching fees. Best of all, we are now making decisions towards a lifestyle that is harmonious with our dreams, values, and passions. Thanks Todd!”

Jennifer K., Mother and Investor, Denver CO


“…your coaching to follow up on the deficiency waiver, remove the promissory note, etc. made all the difference. I’m not sure I would have thought it an option to negotiate these things. As a result the promissory note has been waived, the amount at closing has been reduced by $6,500, and the deficiency judgment has been waived so the bank no longer has recourse. By learning to negotiate it may just work out for me after all!”

Coaching Client, anonymous due to short sale property in a recourse state


“Todd is incredibly sharp and focused as a financial coach and mentor. He quickly identified the area I was dropping the ball in financially and took steps to fix it immediately. Additionally, after every coaching session I was inspired and motivated to take action. I love working with Todd and would absolutely recommend him…”

Joe Raby, Managing Partner for Sunshine Realty Management, New York, NY


“Working with Todd for the past year has been hugely helpful to take my financial knowledge to the next level, which has provided immense practical value across all aspects of my life that touch finances. There was one session in particular that Todd coached me to increase my return to the point that this one call paid for a material portion of an entire year of coaching. Thanks Todd!”

Tim Prouty, Seattle, WA


“The lessons that I have learned from Todd seem so obvious after the fact that I wonder why I didn’t think of them myself. With every call, Todd guides me towards the goals that I have set for myself, holds me accountable to reaching those goals, and accepts no excuses. Best of all, I feel that Todd truly cares about my progress and about me as a person, and he never judges me harshly, even when I have setbacks. I can say unequivocally that this is the best coaching experience that I have ever had.”

Jeff Patry, Ontario, Canada


“As a long term student of Dave Ramsey, my expense management systems were already in good order, but I was very frustrated with the dismal returns produced over the last ten years using a “buy and hold” investing strategy. Then I began to read the articles on and realized Todd had something to share that was very different. Initially, I was very reluctant to hire Todd as a coach because he isn’t cheap. But now after only a few coaching calls he has really changed my thinking about wealth planning, investing, expense management and what it means to buy true value vs. saving. Prior to working with Todd the majority of my investment decisions were based on hope and greed (emotional gambling) vs. investment decisions based on knowledge of the historical statistics associated with investment decisions. Moving forward I now have a plan to actively manage investment risk by understanding statistical expectation of positive returns. Todd has truly mastered the ability to distill down his experience to give you the best that he knows. No B.S. just proven principles that work when consistently applied. If you are shopping for someone to help fill the gaps in your wealth plan give Todd a call.”

Robert M., Houston, TX


“If you are like me, you started investing by reading plenty of the mainstream books. Well, I had a hard time sorting all the conflicting information. After a few months with Todd Tresidder’s financial mentoring, I learned a new way of investing by separating what is mostly true from half-truths to create a cohesive picture. Along the way, I learned what makes a strategy feasible, and the tenets of a valid investment strategy. Todd provided me with investment tools that will be invaluable for me in the far future.”

V. To, full name and location withheld due to military security clearance


“I wish I had met Todd twenty years ago. After just eight weeks I realized that almost everything I had previously learned about investing was wrong. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. Todd’s coaching method helped me deconstruct all of my previous learnings and give a better understanding of how the markets and investing really work.”

Robert Thompson, Boston, MA


“All of this information that I’m getting from the reading assignments and our phone conversations has really opened my eyes to how investing works. I am astonished that I have been investing for over 30 years yet really knew nothing about it.”

Richard Clarke, Norway


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