Client Testimonials

I’ve used your calculator often and bought several of your ebooks.

You’re views and advice have my wife and I seriously considering the Expat life in a few years. Our resources will go much further in many desirable places around the globe.

Reading your stuff has literally opened a world of opportunities for us. Thanks.

Brad EhlertSubscriber

When I started coaching with Todd, I was a traditional buy and hold investor who did a little stock picking on the side, and I was on the verge of making a major real estate investment decision that would have been unwise. We immediately clarified the real estate decision ultimately putting 100’s of thousands of dollars in my pocket. On the portfolio investment side, he taught me a totally different way of thinking about money, retirement, and investing that has now changed how I run my portfolio and will pay long lasting dividends.

E. HolmgrenWilliamstown, MA.

Just a quick note to say thank you for what you do. I’ve read some of your books and much of your web content and I have to say that I have gotten as much or more out of your financial and non-financial writings as I have from the many, many articles and books I have read on the subjects in question. You are undoubtedly doing lots of good for many others like me.

Richard CurleyGolden, CO.

“When I started working with Todd my assets acquired over  30 years were convoluted and not working for me to achieve my deepest goals. I realized I didn’t have a good plan, and didn’t even realize how my emotional attachments of the past were holding me back from getting what I really wanted. In just two years of coaching, I was able to rearrange my real estate investments in Germany and the US, and I untangled emotional ties and beliefs that were holding me back. As a result, I achieved financial freedom. Not only that, I just had the most profitable year in my business since starting it 15 years ago!”

Daniela BryanOwner - DBCoach.comCalifornia & Germany

As an investor, I always just followed what everybody told me was the right thing to do. I simply didn’t know any better and assumed “they” were right.  After getting beat upside the head so many times in the markets, I finally decided I had to find somebody who can teach me how to do this correctly. I’m facing retirement and can’t afford any more screw ups. Your “Expectancy Investing” course completely delivered on its promise. I now have a much deeper understanding of how investing works and have the confidence to manage my portfolio to produce reliable performance for my retirement.

Robert ThompsonRetiredBoston, MA.

With the current period of high market valuations and low bond returns (2014), I was concerned about keeping and growing my investments. Todd’s teaching strategy was custom-made to my fledgling investment knowledge base. What I got out of our sessions (and selected readings) was a much deeper understanding of investing that gave me specific strategies to grow my portfolio safely using risk-management overlays. I’m now clear about my investment goals, and I’m more confident I will reach them using the tools and strategies from this course. This knowledge was well worth the money.

Richard "River" DukesSemi-retiredLondon, England

I was at a point in my life where I felt like I needed to get my finances in order. I went to the internet looking for answers and ended up at the Financial Mentor website. When I arrived at the website, I was impressed with the quality of the information. Never in my wildest dreams, though, did I think I would end up with a financial coach — it just wasn’t in the plan. After speaking with Todd just once, though, I felt confident that working with him had the potential to change my financial course, and boy was I right. Now, as I look back over the past 6 months, I feel so fortunate to have met Todd and learned from him. Previous to learning his investment process there was no rhyme or reason to my investment decisions. They were based on gut feelings and hunches, and my results were proof of the faulty methodology. Todd has taught me a mathematically sound investment process which I will be able to rely on for the remainder of my investing career. I feel as though I have been given the tools to think for myself and really analyze any investment decision through the lens of a valid investment strategy. I have already implemented the strategy and have seen positive returns in a short period of time (even during the most recent market downturn). What is even more important to me is that I feel as though I now have a bullet proof process which allows me to participate in the market’s upside, all the while giving me downside protection against major losses. I feel fortunate to have been Todd’s student and learned from him. He has a teaching style that will push you to think and learn and grow. Ultimately, though, his teaching will bring you to a whole new level of understanding. I feel securely placed on the path to financial freedom, and in large measure I have Todd and his coaching to thank for that.

M. EricksonMedical ProfessionalSan Diego, CA.

I have learned more from Todd about investing and maximizing my internet-based business, LifeCoach.Com, than I have with any other coach I’ve worked with in the past 17 years, and I’ve worked with quite a few coaches!

Talane MiedanerAuthor of "Coach Yourself To Success" and Founder of LifeCoach.Com

I’m so thankful you coached me about the risk in those ATM deals. It saved my portfolio. I managed to get the bulk of my investment back and was just waiting on the last contract to expire. Unfortunately, the last check bounced so it is looking like I won’t get my last refund or any future payments. I barely got out soon enough to come out ahead, but with the refunds and payments I did receive I am very much in the black. Thanks for coaching me in the right direction.

Name Withhelddue to legal risks from other investors who did lose everything

I rarely do this (if ever!) but in your case I felt truly inspired to email you about your website. I especially love this page because I used to coach independent financial professionals on their marketing and business development, and I’ve never seen a financial professional who shares so much quality, straight-forward, down-to-earth information that truly helps the consumer choose where to get their financial information, and why.

And since I’m in the coaching/information marketing field, I’ve also seen so many ridiculously priced, how-to based, could-find-in-any-$25-book coaching programs (financially related or otherwise). It’s completely refreshing to read a well-written article on the different ways to get information and support!

So thank you! Wonderful site, and I’ll be sharing it and you with others!

Sue Rasmussen,


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