The Surprising Benefit You Don’t Expect From Financial Coaching (But Will Really Like!)

It’s About a Lot More Than Just Making Money…

Everybody wants one thing when they start financial coaching – more money.

Simple enough… but achieving financial freedom is a much deeper process than most people understand or expect. On the surface it appears to be about making more money, but that superficial viewpoint ignores the process you must go through to achieve the goal.

In a nutshell, if you want accelerated personal growth then just grow your wealth. This may surprise some who believe nonsensical cliches about the “filthy rich” and “evil money”, but when you build wealth properly the result is personal growth. That’s because you can’t change the external circumstances of your life (like wealth) while remaining the same person inside. You will have to grow personally to make your money grow. It’s just the way the process works when it is done right.

The truth is few people set out to achieve financial freedom just to get more money. Instead, what people really want are the things they believe money will buy. It might be personal freedom, power, flexibility, better quality of life, time off, or any combination thereof. Each person will have their own list.

What is common among all lists is the desire for a more balanced, fulfilled life. Financial freedom is just the external thing (money) that we project this internal desire (personal freedom) onto because we believe lack of money limits our ability to satisfy our desires.

“I contacted Todd to become financially independent. In the first call he showed me how I was already financially free if I chose to see it that way. What we quickly discovered was the difference between the financial freedom I thought I wanted and the personal freedom I was truly seeking. It is the difference between financial wealth and true wealth. Thanks to Todd’s coaching I am quite a different person now. He has assisted me in taking a journey I expect to lead to amazing places – places I didn’t even know I wanted to venture toward when I began.” – Stephen Klink; Oakland, CA

As it turns out, the transformational technology and principles practiced during financial coaching not only support financial success but also translate into success for every other aspect of your life. In other words, financial coaching provides the double benefit of specifically working toward financial freedom while simultaneously achieving personal freedom at the same time.

The reason is because as you grow your net worth following the Financial Mentor method you will grow elsewhere in your life as well. Coaching clients routinely report improved relationships with family and friends, better health, losing weight, and much more. In short, they report greater life fulfillment on the path to achieving financial freedom because financial coaching is about achieving true wealth, and making more money is just one – albeit very important – component to that equation.

In summary, the stated objective for financial coaching is to achieve financial wealth. That is the carrot we overtly work toward and is how we measure tangible results. However, the deeper objective for financial coaching is true wealth – which is about a lot more than just making money. It is about living a complete and fulfilling life.

Financial coaching is a well-rounded, balanced approach to building financial wealth where the bigger goal is true wealth.

You may not have expected that outcome, but it is one of the surprising benefits financial coaching provides.

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