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10 Commandments of Investment Strategy

Abide by these 10 commandments for success with your investment strategy.

Nothing is more financially dangerous than a million dollar investment portfolio managed with a thousand dollars worth of financial intelligence. The truth is your investment skills and knowledge will be reflected in your investment results. Use these 10 critical commandments to improve your investment performance so that you can enjoy greater investment confidence and financial security as a result…

New Bull Market Or Bear Market Rally?

bear market rally image

The critical question for investors today is whether the current rally is a new bull market or just a correction of the recent bear market that has likely already run its course? To answer that question you must understand the following…

The Solution To Investment Losses

Investment Losses Image

A reader commented on my blog, “Todd, my portfolio is mauled. I feel stuck and don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?” The simple answer is problems like this are avoided through a disciplined investment risk management strategy and the damage will be repaired only after improving your investment risk management skills. Every day you face a decision to buy, hold or sell. When you make no decision you effectively choose to buy your portfolio that day because it keeps the risk…