Investment Strategy 101 Tutorial Guide

When You're Dissatisfied With The Risk Inherent In Conventional Investment Advice, Then Consider An Alternative Investment Strategy.

Conventional investment strategy is passive.

According to the experts, you just buy and hold a proper mix of stocks and bonds and that's as good as you'll ever do. Don't change investment strategy based on conditions and don't ever sell.

Just buy and hold through thick and thin, and the experts' claim the rising tide of the market will magically leave a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of your retirement rainbow.

Unfortunately, the passive approach isn't very effective for maintaining your health, advancing your career, raising your children, or developing satisfying relationships. What makes you think investing is any different?

It isn't, and the results prove it.

What you need are alternative investment strategies for those times and situations when a traditional, passive approach isn't adequate.

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Conventional investment strategy isn't wrong.

It's just over-simplified, inadequate, and based on many dubious assumptions. You need alternative investment strategies so that you can profit more consistently with less risk.

Below you’ll find a listing of our most recent articles about alternative investment strategy providing you with additional insights and information so that you can take the next step…

Are You Gambling Or Investing?

Gambling or Investing Image

Are you gambling or investing? Do you know the difference? An investor only puts capital at risk with a known, positive, “house advantage”. But that requires you to know the expectancy of your investment strategy, and not one investor in 1,000 knows the expectancy of his portfolio. This knowledge can secure your financial future or cost you millions. Learn more here…

10 Commandments of Investment Strategy

Abide by these 10 commandments for success with your investment strategy.

Nothing is more financially dangerous than a million dollar investment portfolio managed with a thousand dollars worth of financial intelligence. The truth is your investment skills and knowledge will be reflected in your investment results. Use these 10 critical commandments to improve your investment performance so that you can enjoy greater investment confidence and financial security as a result…

FM 019: Expected Value Formula – The Missing Key To Building Wealth with Billy Murphy

Expected Value Formula with Billy Murphy Image

Wealth is math. That’s bad news for math phobics, but it’s great news for the rest of us because it means there are rules and science behind how wealth building works. The process isn’t random luck. In Episode 19 of the Financial Mentor podcast we’ll explore the most essential math principle to wealth building – the expected value formula – so that you know how to put it to work in your wealth plans starting today…

The Great Bond Bubble Is Now! What’s Next…

bond bubble image

What does the bond market today have in common with the stock market in 1998-2000 and the real estate market in 2006-2007? They were all ridiculous bubbles that ended very badly for investors. This is not a prediction. It is simple risk vs. reward analysis based on valuations. It is something that can save your portfolio from massive losses when you understand how it works. Learn how…

What Is A Good Investment?

Understand what a good investment is and looks like.

There is no such thing as an inherently good or bad investment. It is a myth. All assets can be good or bad investment given the right strategy, timing, or price. It is all about process – not product. Let’s see how this works…

How To Invest For Inflation & Deflation

How do you adjust and invest for inflation or deflation?

The stable economic past is over. The future is going to be volatile with bouts of deflation and inflation. How do you invest and manage risk in that scenario?

New Rules For Real Estate Investing

real estate investing image

I’ve received many questions from readers during the past few months about real estate investment strategy during this economic crisis. The common thinking is that somewhere down the road a nasty inflation should return making real estate a smart inflation hedge. While I agree with the basic concept, I also believe there are many issues to be wary of…

Investing For Dummies – Profitably

Investing for Dummies Profitably Image

I’m a really dumb investor. If I had to rely on my brain and reasoning power to make investment decisions I would be dead broke by now. That is why I test all investment theories before ever putting a dime at risk. Amazingly, what I have learned is how little of the prevailing investment wisdom is really true. Even more surprising is how profitable investment strategy shares one thing in common…

What Big Winning Stocks Have In Common

Big Winning Stocks image

Did you know that nearly all the stock market gains from 1983-2007 came from just 25% of the stocks? Similarly, 75% of stocks contributed zero performance on average and the average stock actually lost money – during one of the greatest bull markets in recorded history. If you want to pick stocks that outperform the averages or develop a greater understanding of trend-following risk management techniques for your investment portfolio then this is a must read…

Three Criteria For Picking Winning Stocks

Picking Winning Stocks Image

In our weekly “Ask Todd” series, a reader asked: “Todd, can you give me three quick criteria to sort individual stocks worth investigating from those that have no investment merit?” The quick and dirty answer is “your question has an underlying false premise.” Individual security selection is only the last 10-20% of return on any properly diversified portfolio and takes 80% of your analyisis time to figure out. Pareto’s Law dictates you can get 80% of the investment return for 20% of the effort if you just follow these simple criteria…