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Smart Consumer’s Guide To Money Coaching & Education

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An Insider’s Guide Explaining How to Grow Your Financial Intelligence Without Wasting Money…

There is no relationship between how much you spend for financial education and how much value is actually delivered. I’ve paid $3,000 for courses that were junk, and I’ve bought $15 books that were golden. Some of my best learning has come from the least expensive sources.

After 3 decades of consuming financial information I’ve learned a thing or two about how to grow my financial intelligence without getting ripped off… and I share all that knowledge with you for free in the following articles. It is my “Smart Consumers Guide To Money Coaching & Financial Education”

“Working with Todd as a financial coach had an immediate payoff. In the very first session the advice he provided saved us enough money to pay for his services for an entire year. We are very grateful to have realized such an immediate payoff for our investment with Todd.”- Gordon Darling, Entrepreneur; Rockport, ME

These five articles form the backbone of my “Smart Consumer’s Guide to Money Coaching And Financial Education”. It is a tell-all guide explaining how to grow your financial intelligence without wasting your money. Learn from my experience how to avoid the obvious mistakes.

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