The Money Coaching Advantage

5 Ways You Can Bridge the Gap Between Wanting Financial Freedom… and Actually Getting It

Everybody knows how to build wealth. It’s not a secret. Spend less than you earn and invest the savings wisely.

So why bother with money coaching when the solution is so simple?

Because knowing what to do and actually getting it done are two completely different things.

Have you ever noticed how you go to a seminar and get all fired up to make changes only to be pulled back into your same, old patterns of life?

The seminar taught you what to do and how to do it, but actually getting it done requires something more. You return home to daily life, previous habits come back, reality sets in, and your excitement dwindles until the project no longer gets done.

You’re not alone. It’s the same reason people don’t follow through on New Year’s resolutions, keep the weight off after dieting, or exercise regularly to maintain health.

There’s a massive gap between knowing what you should do and walking-the-talk by actually getting it done. It’s a universal problem.

The money coaching advantage provides a group of education, tools, and support specifically designed to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and getting it done. You expand your knowledge and develop effective action creating the tangible results you desire.

Below are 5 key ways the money coaching advantage helps you…

Focus on Financial Intelligence Instead of How-To Techniques

Pure knowledge in the form of facts and how-to information is not enough to produce results.

How-to information in the hands of a wealth builder is like tools to a carpenter – they’re important but not sufficient. A master craftsman can build a beautiful home with rudimentary tools, but somebody lacking carpentry skills can barely throw a shack together with the best tools. The key is not the tools, but the carpenter’s skill.

The same is true with building wealth. We all have access to the same investment tools and how-to instruction; yet, some people become fabulously wealthy while others flounder in poverty. The difference is the wealth builder’s skill (or financial intelligence).

Financial intelligence is the cause, wealth is the effect, and how-to tools are just a mechanism for implementation. Unfortunately, most financial educators provide how-to instruction when it is not the critical factor to success.

You intuitively know this is true because the libraries and internet are filled with more business and investment how-to instruction then you could implement in a lifetime – yet you are still not rich so it can’t be from a lack of information. The missing skill is how to implement that information. You need to know how to integrate the information into your life so that you produce results. That’s the golden key.

Gurus sell you “how-to” seminars and financial advisers sell you investment products. Both are just tools. What you need is the transformational technology to put those tools to good use. You need to become a master craftsman at building wealth because you can’t make proper use of better tools until you first develop the skills to use them properly.

Money coaching is the only educational resource that helps you develop greater financial skills and intelligence so that you can apply the tools everybody else sells with greater effectiveness. It is a key money coaching advantage.

“In the past, all my efforts to obtain financial freedom have failed miserably. You took me through the very difficult process of discovering my true self, helping me to identify and face the weaknesses and misconceptions I had developed over the years – not only about finances, but about other aspects of life as well. You then gave me the tools I needed to start on the path to financial freedom and to live the life I truly desire, living purposefully in all aspects. I have the confidence and foundation to move forward with assurance that I will succeed. I know that what I have gained from this course will affect me and my family in a positive way for the rest of my life.” – Garry Davis; Owner, GLDLaw.Com; Dallas TX

The Importance of Accountability, Support, and Process Coaching

Everybody wants more money, but most people lack the discipline to follow through with enough persistence to reach the goal.

Life gets in the way. The car needs to be repaired, the kids have soccer practice, and you’re tired after a long day at work. You barely have time to go to bathroom – not to mention get rich.

“The weekly call format of coaching keeps me focused. Every week is an opportunity to create enough value to pay for a year of coaching.”– David Anderson, Retired Investor; San Francisco, CA

Your health, wealth and happiness are a function of your habits. It doesn’t take more time to become wealthy… just more focus. Money coaching is the only resource that provides weekly support and accountability to stay focused on the daily habits and small actions that add up to wealth.

In addition, as you increase focus and begin producing results then road-blocks and obstacles surface on your path to financial freedom. Process coaching helps you breakthrough these barriers and overcome the personal obstacles that hold you back from greater success.

Process coaching is another tool that you will only find with financial coaching, and when combined with accountability forms a one-two punch that is critical to knocking down all obstacles that stand between you and wealth. It is another money coaching advantage.

A Different Kind of Wealth Plan

Building wealth without a plan is like driving across the country without a map. You’ll eventually get somewhere, but it won’t be where you want, and you won’t arrive by the most efficient route.

A properly designed wealth plan improves your effectiveness by providing a context for all important financial decisions. This creates focused, consistent action so that your financial success is transformed from a question of “if” to the certainty of “when”.

“Thank you for helping me rediscover a confidence in my life that escaped my grasp in terms of planning for, building up and maintaining wealth. Your ideas on apartment building management added enough cash flow to my life in the first two months of coaching to make the process free for as long as I continue. Since that time you’ve helped me develop a realistic plan for both my businesses where succeeding with just one should make me financially free in 3 years. I’m excited to take action every week and turn these plans into reality. You have been much more than a financial mentor: you have been the voice of unbiased reason by always bringing me back to what counts. Thanks.”– Stephen Del Monte; Owner, DelMoSports; Wildwood, NJ

The key to your wealth plan’s effectiveness is the design. It must take into account your unique skills, abilities, interests, and resources in order for you to succeed with it. It must include two of the three paths to wealth (business, real estate, and paper assets), and it must incorporate proven wealth building principles. Generic wealth plans similar to what most brokers provide don’t do the trick and usually just collect dust on the shelf. You need a working plan.

You’ll know if you have a properly designed wealth plan because financial freedom will be transformed from fantasy-land to realistic probability. You can see how it will happen as you work toward it each day because it is engineered right before your eyes and reduced down to weekly and monthly actions steps so that you know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how it all fits together to produce the result.

Your wealth plan is another money coaching advantage. It creates a clear purpose to all action thus eliminating waste and confusion. The result is increased persistence so that you follow-through until you reach the goal.

Money Coaching Provides an Accelerated Learning Environment

According to Benjamin Franklin, “There are two ways to acquire wisdom; you can either buy it or borrow it. By buying it, you pay full price in terms of time and cost to learn the lessons you need to learn. By borrowing it, you go to the men and women who have already paid the price to learn the lesson and get the wisdom from them.”

When you hire a money coach you benefit from the expertise of someone who is ahead of you on the same path and has valuable experience to share. You save years of time and thousands of dollars in mistakes by avoiding obvious pitfalls and traps on the path to wealth.

In addition, you benefit from the experience of all the coaching clients who have walked the path to wealth before you. Your money coach learns from each client thus improving his skills and knowledge base so you are benefiting from experience multiplied to the nth power.

Nobody lives long enough to learn everything necessary to become an expert in every field. Money coaching provides a faster and more efficient path to wealth by studying from an expert who has already walked the talk and coached others to do the same.

This accelerated learning environment saves you time and money providing another key money coaching advantage.

“Todd is a master coach. He is extremely intelligent and resourceful, and will in each session take you to higher and higher levels of personal creativity and financial IQ. Working with him is an investment in your most important asset: yourself.”– Ken Turek, Attorney; San Diego, CA

Money Coaching Provides Financial Education Without Conflicts of Interest

It’s hard to make the right decision when you get the wrong information.

That’s why another money coaching advantage is unbiased financial education. To illustrate this point I share a fun little story about a fictional character named Bob as he tries to build wealth and grow his financial intelligence…

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Bob who wanted to become financially free. The only problem was he didn’t know how to start or get the education he needed.

The obvious starting point was Bob’s financial adviser but all she wanted to do was sell him stocks and insurance. The adviser didn’t get paid to educate Bob. She was in the business of investing the money Bob already made – not helping him make more money in the first place.

When Bob turned to the media he discovered the articles and programming were developed by professional writers – not experienced wealth builders – and they were written for entertainment value instead of usable, actionable advice. Bob was surprised by this until he learned the media was in business to maximize advertising and subscription revenues, and this objective was achieved by entertaining people – not educating them. The media is in the entertainment business to maximize their own profits – not the education business to help Bob make more money.

When Bob turned to his friends and family he found they had a lot of advice to offer, but no practical experience or proven results to back up their opinions. They weren’t financial experts and could not be relied upon.

Then Bob turned to proven experts where he found apparent knowledge but endless conflicts of interest. University professors sensationalized content in an effort to promote their latest books, and well-known investors would tout their current investment positions in the media to try and boost demand and prices so they could make more money. The information was marketing motivated and could not be relied upon either.

All Bob wanted to do was grow his financial intelligence so that he could build his wealth; yet, everywhere he looked for insights he found massive conflicts of interest. All of these sources were more interested in making themselves rich than helping Bob build his own wealth.

The key point to this story is to demonstrate how nearly every source of financial information available to you is layered with conflicts of interest tainting the quality of advice you receive.

You live in a world of information overflow where much of it is best avoided because each provider has something to sell besides education thus creating a hidden conflict of interest.

Your money coach separates church and state by selling only financial education designed to help you make more money. That’s what you pay me for. I’ve sorted through mountains of educational resources and dead-end ideas so you don’t have to. I’ve spent a lifetime separating the wheat from the chaff and distilled it all down to a single, consistent, step-by-step curriculum saving you time, hassle, and money.

It is another key money coaching advantage.

What All Money Coaching Advantages Share in Common

While I could go on and on providing a lengthy list of money coaching advantages, there’s no need because my clients already did it here and the central theme should be readily apparent…

“When we started financial coaching Todd assessed our personal situation and helped us realize our goals were within reach now. We thought we needed to take five steps to get there, but instead we just focused and got it done. In less than six months we had our first major deal and we have a realistic plan to be financially free within two years or less. Todd’s coaching was invaluable, and best of all it never really cost us anything because just one tip he gave us on our last deal saved more than enough money to pay for all the coaching thus far.”– Eric and Jeni Kurowski; Owners, CCR Storage; Willis, TX

Money coaching provides an integrated learning environment to help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do (external process) and actually getting it done (internal process). It is the only educational resource that integrates both the internal and external issues required for building wealth into a single, cohesive blueprint.

The external level is all the how-to instruction, investment techniques, and investment tools that are “external” to you. You will acquire this knowledge either during money coaching or from sources outside of money coaching.

The internal level is how you process all this information, integrate it into an action plan, make decisions, and get into action. Money coaching is your only source for this level of knowledge.

Most importantly, money coaching is the only source that integrates both internal and external wealth building skills into a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint designed to transform your wealth building goals from a dream into reality.

The experts sell you information but what you need is transformation. They teach how-to information but never provide the transformational skills necessary for you to act on that information and produce results in your life.

In short, they forgot the essential ingredient you need to succeed.

In Summary

Money coaching provides many of the usual tools and instruction provided by other educational resources including how-to instruction on investment strategy, risk management, leverage, mathematical expectation, continuity income, and much more.

The difference is money coaching takes all this a step further by helping you integrate all this instruction with your internal game – your thinking and habitual practices that convert all that knowledge into action so you produce tangible results. You won’t find this combination assembled in a single package anywhere else…

  1. You get the support and tools necessary to bridge the gap between desire and producing actual results. This includes a personalized wealth plan so that you know step-by-step what you need to do, accountability so that you do it with enough persistence to reach the goal, and process coaching so that you overcome the obstacles that would have previously derailed you.
  2. You get the benefit of an experienced mentor who has walked the path before you saving you time and money. Not only that, but with money coaching you also benefit from the experience gained by all the clients who have walked the same path before you as well.
  3. Finally, with money coaching you receive financial education that is not tainted with hidden sales incentives or other conflicts of interest. Your money coach’s only goal is to help you build wealth.

Consider this…

  • Top athletes use performance coaches to stay on top of their game.
  • Oscar winning actors use acting coaches.
  • Award winning singers use voice coaches.

The reason is simple. Coaching provides a competitive advantage for professional athletes and business professionals alike.

Fast Company magazine reported that up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies hire coaches to improve their businesses. A study by the Manchester Review showed the output of executives involved in coaching programs averaged 5.7 times higher than the initial investment.

There is a reason why top performers in a wide variety of specialized fields employ coaches. It produces results.

Are you ready to put the same competitive advantage to work for you in building wealth?

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