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The Ten Commandments Of Wealth Building

These 10 Commandments of Wealth Building will help you achieve financial success and true wealth.

Building true wealth takes a lot more than simply amassing a certain amount of money. There are ten key wealth building principles that lead to true wealth, not just monetary wealth. The objective is not just to become rich, but to build a balanced, fulfilling, wealthy life. Following these ten success principles will put you on the path to true wealth — because life is too short to settle for anything less…

Is Leveraging Real Estate Equity A Good Idea For Retirement?

When should you leverage up your real estate equity to buy additional assets?

A reader asks, “I’m 61 nearing retirement and a lot of financial gurus say I should leverage my rental property equity to buy stocks, real estate, etc. for retirement. Is it a good idea?” There are two answers to that question – the scientific answer and the realistic answer…