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80 New Financial Calculators – Wow!

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Many of you have emailed asking why I haven’t written lately.

It’s because I’ve been creating something much bigger and more valuable for you.

I’ve spent months and great expense assembling one of the largest collections of financial calculators found anywhere on the internet.

Why would I do that? Because one of the top complaints I hear is how the math behind smart financial decisions can sometimes be daunting. The equations are complicated. It holds you back so I wanted to solve that for you. That’s my business – helping you make smarter financial decisions.

These calculators simplify nearly every aspect of financial planning into plug-and-play simplicity. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with this new resource so that you can conveniently find the perfect tool for your situation.

Let’s explore how you can get the most value from these calculators

What’s Special About These Financial Calculators?

Not all financial calculators are created equal.

Some require you to opt-in or violate your personal privacy by downloading your personal information into a database to be used for marketing purposes. Others are spread throughout the internet making it difficult to locate exactly what you are looking for.

My calculators are all in one convenient location and completely private because they operate within your personal computer’s browser. You can find exactly what you want easily and nobody will ever see any of the information you enter into any calculator on my site because that information never leaves your computer.

To find these calculators go to the main calculator page located here. You can see how they’re organized into categories to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for…

Once you are on the main calculator page you can search to find exactly the calculator you want by using the two drop-down menus in each category. One menu organizes the calculators by name and the other menu organizes the calculators by the question the calculator answers. Go ahead and click on the menus and see for yourself before reading on…

How I Use These Calculators

Because there are more than 80 calculators (which might overwhelm a few people) I thought it might help to give a sneak peek into some of my favorites that I use with financial coaching clients so that you can familiarize yourself with this new resource.

Retirement Calculator: My ultimate retirement calculator is designed for the new world of retirement planning and is receiving rave reviews from experts in the field. It includes all the traditional features offered by the old-world retirement calculators plus it allows you to include up to 3 phased income streams, a lump sum payment, and more. It is designed for scenario analysis so you can quickly and easily change a single variable and see at a glance on the spreadsheet how it affects the overall financial outcome of your life. It is for people who understand that smart retirement planning is about much more than calculating a mythical savings number.

Mortgage Calculator:  If you want to know how much your mortgage payment will be for any combination of terms this calculator makes it easy and provides a printable amortization table. If you want to know how fast you can pay off your mortgage and how much interest you will save applying biweekly payments and extra payments then this calculator will figure it all out with the click of a button.

Credit Card Calculator: I love to show clients how much minimum credit card payments are costing them and how fast they can get out of debt by adding a one-time lump sum or other repayment strategy.

Auto Loan Calculator: A common question is whether you should lease or buy your next car. This calculator makes the math simple.

Savings Calculator: Clients are blown away by the lifetime cost of small, daily spending habits when they use this latte factor calculator. They are equally fascinated by various wealth compounding lessons found in this compound return calculator. Even though I work with compound returns every day the results defy intuition and never fail to amaze me. Play with these calculators using real numbers from your own life and you will be amazed too.

Investment Calculator: If you are analyzing an investment property, annuity, or trying to determine the future value of an investment then these calculators convert the complex math into easy-to-understand results.

Loan Payment Calculator: If you want to get out of debt and have various loans to juggle then this Debt Snowball calculator will show you the lowest cost, fastest path to debt freedom. Just enter your loans and it does all the planning for you.

Of course, this list only scratches the surface showing you the few I use most frequently with coaching clients. There are more than 80 specialized financial calculators in total so look around and choose your personal favorite based on your situation.

How You Can Help

If you like these new, free resources then please tell your friends. The best way to give back and share the love is to say “thank you” through the social currency of the web – +1, like, pin, and links as follows…

  • +1, like, and/or bookmark the main calculator page here.
  • +1, like, and/or pin your favorite calculator directories (retirement, credit card, savings, etc.).
  • Write a review post on your web site or comment in Facebook and Google+ about your favorite calculator and how it helped you.

Again, there is nothing for sale and nothing to buy. This resource is completely free and completely private.

I hope you like it.

Please tell me in the comments below which calculators were most helpful to you. Was this a useful addition to the web site? I welcome your input…

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Great resource -- but I want the course!  I want!  I want!


So far all have been interesting to play with.  The one problem that I see is with my lack of knowledge of the subject matter.  Maybe a hint field along with the fill in box would be a good addition. For the advanced readers there should be little problems in using these.


From the few that I used, WoW is about all I can say.  Never thought that so much could be saved with so little of a change.


I just wanted to add my two cents here by saying that i think the resources and general wisdom Todd contributes is invaluable for investors. Many people think they are investors when in fact they aren't and Todd helps one understand how one truly defines what an investor is - in his words, someone who puts their capital at risk only when there is positive mathematical expectancy - a nice way of saying you analysed the investing situation and it has a strong likelihood of ending at a higher value than where it started.


Todd has helped me a lot although he has never gotten anything for it other than my thanks and my efforts to pay it forward by telling others etc about his blog. I would consider his coaching program  strongly - the only reason I don't use it is that I have a dedicated coach for multi family investing while he's more of an all round coach. I could definitely use his oversight but at the end of the day one only has so much budget for coaching!


Really smart guy with huge experience.


Tris Winfield


Todd, you're amazing and I wanted to take a moment and thank you.  I've tried to pass on your great work to my colleagues and I've continually tried to push people your way.  I met you (virtually) sometime ago through your interview with Jamie Tardy (Eventual Millionaire) and took advantage of your limited offer through her to receive your great work and insights. You both do great and amazing selfless work.  Thank you!


Excellent work Todd. Being able to find the proper calculators by the question is a great feature.

Financialmentor moderator

 @MarkKesler I appreciate your demands, Mark :-)


I want, want, want to deliver that course!


And I'm trying to get all the infrastructure in place first so when I deliver it will be great.


The next piece of the puzzle you will see fall into place soon are new ebooks plus the old ones moving to Amazon. Then I need to finish out the "52 Weeks..." email course.


Once all this in in place then I will offer the "7 Steps to 7 Figures" course. At that point, the business will be ready for that course.


Thanks for your patience and support. I'm getting there....

Financialmentor moderator

 @swampland Eventually (maybe this fall) I will add instructional videos to go along with each one. Right now I have other projects to prioritize, but hopefully soon.


And yes, some of the results produced using real numbers from your actual life can be quite amazing... and instructive.


Thanks for your input.

Financialmentor moderator

 @hedy1234 Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, it is one of my favorite features as well. Even though I programmed all the calculators into this site and know them well, I still find myself using the feature to locate exactly what I'm looking for.



It is better that you take your time and do it right the first time than to botch things up.  Then we would have to un-learn the bad stuff before going forward.



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