1. Thanks for this article, i stumbled on your website whilst researching building wealth, spent alot of time and money on this path, but your website says it all and there are no gimmicks…thanks for providing this information, i especially like your emphasis on consistent action…am from the United Kingdom and the principles of wealth are the same everywhere…thanks once again.

    •  @KellyWilliams Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you found us and I appreciate your participation in our community. I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  2. I definitely agree with the habit thing.  
    The only wealth I have built in my life is a direct result of some insane work habits.  I built a website and sold it off for a very nice amount, and creating that website was done “nose to the grindstone.”  I wrote every day, for over a year, even when I did not feel like it.   Over 1,500 articles and over one million words.  
    I could not have done that without pushing myself a great deal, to reach for more discipline.  I had to stretch to learn how to write that much, to become that consistent with my writing.  I had to stretch myself to start treating it like a real business.  Definitely, habit formation is critical.  

    •  @PatrickMeninga The understated truth is that success is hard work. That is true across the board. The appearance of instant success almost always stands on the foundation of many years of hard work.

  3. Great work as usual, Todd. Your honesty and transparency is refreshing as you spread the truth about investing to the world. Truth is simple. “Guru’s” over complicate to persuade their followers that they have the answers.
    There are two other items to learn when investing:
    1. Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose.
    2. Always get your principle back.
    The best of success to you!

  4. Hello, Todd R. Tresidder. My name is Gregory Matveev.I study english it’s my hobby.
    I use habits wich you listed, and I thanks You for e-mail wich sent. Because, as you do not do every day the same thing, but still good when you recall that you need to do. And you are very good at it.
      I need it! I want to habits of wealth.
    All the best

    •  @GregoryMatveev Keep practicing Gregory and those habits will become your reality. Keep going for it. Persistence conquers all.

  5. This article is right on the money.  We used  many of the principles and strategies outlined above to build our wealth. 
    Todd, you have an incredible gift of stating best practice financial practices strategies in simple terms. You cut through the hype and tell the financial truth. Your work is a gift to us all.

    •  @Larry Weber Wow! Thank you for those kind words Larry. Much appreciated!

  6. To read your articles is similar to going to Mass: it does not change my religion but confirms my faith.

    Thanks for remind your clear and consistent message.

    •  @RodrigoSilva I love your analogy, Rodrigo. Thanks for sharing. For what it is worth, my coaching clients often refer to me as Yoda or Obie Wan. Fun stuff!

  7. Todd,
    So why aren’t I rich?  If ” The formula for wealth is simple – spend less than you make and invest the difference wisely. ” is the solution?  The first part is the simple part, but the second half is the real killer.
    Just looking a bit at us, we tend to keep things until they die.  We now have a car payment because the 27 year old one died.  Just could not repair it one more time.  We still have a tube type TV because it still works.  We only go out to eat when there is something special going on, or to celibate.  We don’t have a lot to spend, so we don’t.
    Every paycheck some goes into the 401(k).  If I don’t see it, I don’t spend it.  Likewise, I discovered Sharebuilder at the start of the year.  Now, every two weeks a small amount goes to the investments automatically.  That is where the problem of invest wisely comes in.  Not a clue if it is wise or just wishful thinking on my part that they are good choices.  I picked a few from the DJIA that pay dividends, and set up automatic re-investment.  So far I am up a wee bit.  I a few years that should be more than a wee bit.
    I looked at the Vanguard funds, but could not meet the minimums.  That is why I turned to the Ing Sharebuilder program.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Before I know it, I now own a few shares of stock with very little pain.
    Thanks for publishing your ideas,

  8. Hello Todd
    this is Pedro (back again)
    Good and sensible article (as usual)
    The equation is simple but the 2nd part (invest wisely) is not so easy to bring into action (unless for me). Here in Spain,the situation is becoming difficult,( I don’t even trust we.ll stay in the Euro for a long time) so I’ve tried to follow your tips: I have bought some amount of silver coins  (instead of gold which is more expensive and not so easy to break up in small amounts) and I am thinking about buying a real estate in USA, to get passive incomes from renting, and my question is: Is a good moment to buy a condo in USA (ie Orlando or Miami?) What is your forecast abiut the real estate market? (My idea is to have some money out of Euros and to get passive incomes form our savings)
    Thanks in advance

    •  @Pedro V Good to hear from you, Pedro.
      Unfortunately, I can’t give personalized investment advice (by law) because I’m not a licensed securities salesman (financial adviser, broker). I dropped those licenses when I “retired”. I’m strictly an educator and everything I write is educational.
      With that said, I can say from an educational standpoint that you may be confused. Low valuations are a strong statistically valid indicator of high expected returns in the future. Thus, Rothchild’s edict to “buy when blood runs in the streets”. Greece has the lowest valuations in the entire world right now by some measures and Spain is not too far behind.
      Sometimes opportunity sits in our own backyard and we can’t even see it because we are too close to it.
      Hope that helps…

  9. Hello Todd
    I have followed your writings from time to time and enjoy your website.  I myself have been on a quest to financial freedom.  I have read extensively.  With that said- I have found only one way to create wealth and leave a lasting legacy for my family-safely and guaranteed.  There is no other vehicle that is as old and tried and true as whole life insurance.  Nelson Nash’s book – Become your own Banker- is the foundation for this concept.  I would suggest Pamela Yellen’s book -Bank on yourself.  There are specific contracts with certain whole life insurance companies that provide the opportunity for you to provide a death benefit for your family.  But at the same time build a cash value that can be loaned against for interest requiring expenses- cars, appliances , etc once purchased using “your own bank” you pay yourself back with interest and receive dividends the rest of your life -thus whole life.  It requires discipline and is definitely not a get rich quick scheme.  For me after being in business for 20 years I never want to go to a bank again for anything.  Also to have peace of mind that my cash value will grow every year guaranteed and my family is taken care of financially in the event I die prematurely is a wonderful thing.  If you have commented on this particular vehicle please refer me to where I may read if not- Please comment – I would love to hear your thoughts.  
    Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday of rest and Happy New Year!
    Joe Stanfield

  10. Great visual, Todd. I’ve tweeted, posted and Pinned it. As I mentioned on my Facebook as well, I’ve printed it off and plan to put it up in my kids’ rooms. When they get frustrated and impatient and are tempted to follow some “secret” path of the rich or try a get-rich-quick scheme, I’m hoping they’re remember the infographic and forge ahead.

    Thank you for your time in putting it together!


  11. In this Digital Age when we are bombarded with may information, reading a meaty article like this in ‘capsulized’ form is indeed a spirit enabler. Very well said, Todd! 

    The right wealth building habits even in bits can really result to great financial freedom. Your triangular presentation of earning, saving and investing money is a very fundamental principle which should find a strategic place on our mental wall.
    Your inspiring words touched me. Thanks a ton! Keep sharing your light! God bless.

  12. Good article, based on tried and true facts of frugality, discipline and investing some of whats left over.
    Everyone would be much better off if they implemented only one of the three, but in our day and age, I think consumerism rules the day.

  13. I love the idea of habits being the key to success. It gives you so much control over your own destiny. With the right habits we guide ourselves narurally to the desired outcome.

  14. Get up every day. Go do something about it. Work…

  15. Great article. I think the most important part is keeping good habits. To do so needs a degree of mental muscle and if you have that, then you are already on your route to success.

  16. Hello,
    thank you for posting such useful article. I was in search of stuff like this. 
    but now m search is completed. Please keep posting like articles like this.

  17. All I have to say is… WOW! After years and years of looking for a special formula and trying to find a secret way to make or build wealth. I cannot believe how incredibly simple and how much since it makes. Thank you, im definitely listening (and following) now.

  18. Great article. You are right when you say procrastination is a killer. For the last 10 years or so, I have been investing in real estate and have not brought one property,(Sigh)!!

  19. Great Article

  20. Thanks, Todd. This is one lifesaver for me and will be a positive life-changer as well! I’ll surely let you know when I reach my first landmark goal in financial freedom! Till then, God bless you, and I, too, and our families and community.

  21. Thank you for this article I have been searching for something like this for long now.

  22. I 100% agree with this article. For
    something seeming so difficult to be broken down into two basic steps, is
    amazing. These steps only seem to appear difficult because of our mentality as
    human being. Those who can overcome this natural urges of our mind become the
    more financially successful individuals. For those of us who struggle to reach
    over the hurdle of ourselves, procrastination usually comes into play. Causing
    procrastination to single-handedly be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Procrastination
    can only be overcome through extensive discipline and the ability to be a

  23. Hi Todd, I say what you set forth here in your posts is amazing….it’s cristal clear, you just put things very simple and straight to the point…so people who read this articles focus on achiving therir goals and they get encouraged to improve with samall changes as you say…step by step…well i just want to say hello, my name is Walter I´m from Bolivia South America…..Regards

  24. This is the best article i have read about building wealth. It’s so simply explained that makes building wealth a no brainer.
    I will read it everyday for a long time and make effort to do as prescribed.
    Thank you

  25. Great article, I recently came across this website. The fundamentals are so simple, yet a lot of us plod through life with no financial plan, even though finances drive most of our time every day.


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