1. Hey Todd,
    Great tips here thanks for posting! Out of interest what would you see as the best way to invest in financial education?
    Are there specific resources or books you’d suggest?
    I’ve read a few although happy to keep looking into more 🙂

    • mycareercrusade Hah! You gave me a lay-up. The best investment in financial education is (of course) my books, and most importantly my courses. LOL. In all seriousness, I think my wealth plan course here is a no-brainer investment in your financial future. The only way it won’t put more money in your pocket than it costs is if you don’t take action on it. It’s changing lives and it’s the same place I start every new coaching client. You gotta have it.

  2. I was ready for a dull list article, but this was actually great.  Excellent reminders and they helped me to improve my understanding of them, even as a trained financial guy.  Thank you!  Like everything in life, it’s about balance.  We tend not to be good at balance.  It takes practice and coaching.

    • hpost1147 Yep, balance is critically important, and not boring my subscribers with “dumb list articles” is even more important!!  Glad you got good value from it.

  3. Todd,,

    I have read 3 of your books, listened to all of your Podcasts, twice, and listened to 40+ podcasts you have been interviewed on. Hence a big fan.  I am Australian, 5’8′ tall(172cm) tall, love to juggle, don’t like superlatives but enough about me. When are you coming to Australia?  We have some of the most amazing hiking and it’s dangerous. You could die.  Thank you for sharing your intellect & wisdom, you have inspired me to be great and live life passionately.

    Your Aussie admirer


    • chayryan Hah! That means you’re almost as nutty as me. How did you find out that I juggle? Did you also know I spin fire poi and I’m working on my slackline skills but not making much progress? (Oh, Oh, not it’s public knowledge.) Amazing hiking sounds great. You know I love to do that! Thanks for all your support.

      • Financialmentor chayryan
        I listened to your back log of podcast interviews and always found a couple of gold nuggets.  Each time you repeated certain stories you would elaborate and I would get another piece of the puzzle.
        I’ve never tried slackline but I would recommend Bikram yoga to improve your balance.  The first half of the class focus’ on leg strength and balance which I would imagine being the fundamental of slacklining.  
        Where have you hiked outside of North America & Europe?

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