1. Okay, I took your advice and stopped and played with the retirement calculator… so then I never got back to the rest of the article!

    One question that I had was how does the calculator use these 2 different income amounts – Desired annual retirement income” and “Monthly retirement income (start/stop ages for retirement income)”.

    • @veeegun “Desired annual retirement income” sets the goal that the calculator works toward as the benchmark. “Monthly retirement income” down lower in the calculator is what you actually have. It is subtracted from “desired” to determine shortfall and amount that must be made up for by assets. Hope that clarifies…

  2. Forgot the most important point – thanks for sharing the info.

    As I’ve learned when presenting “new” info to people that is a paradigm shift to their current way of thinking… You can give them the info — it seems so obvious to the one who is presenting the info — but to the one who is the receiver, they will only be able to appreciate/receive the info when they are ready. I have been on both sides and that has been my experience.

    • @veeegun Yes, you can only see what you are ready to see, or what you already know. Part of what I do here is try and break through those barriers for those who are ready…

  3. Todd,

    I like the honesty and tone of your article. We can all plan for the future but financial scientific precision in retirement planning does not exist. There are no guarantees. Your writing is refreshing and free of the hype that you read in many mainstream financial publications. The best compliment I can give to a financial writer is that their words ring true and have integrity. I believe financial integrity is greatly lacking in our country. You words reflect financial integrity once again and bring hope to the financial planning world. Nice job.


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