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True Wealth – Personal Freedom Articles

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True Wealth Personal Freedom

Freedom Isn’t Just Financial, And True Wealth Is More Than Just Money

The only worthwhile reason to build wealth is for a happy and fulfilling life. However, the illusion of building wealth is the “more, better, different” lifestyle you can afford. The sooner you overcome the illusion so you can live the reality the sooner you will experience true wealth and personal freedom.

True wealth is about experiences – not stuff. For example, if playing guitar and raising your children is important to you, and attaining financial freedom allows you to spend more time doing those things then you are heading toward fulfillment and true wealth. If financial freedom allows you to exercise more frequently and eat better then you are on track to true wealth because your desires and the financial means to attain them are congruent.

However, most people confuse wealth and happiness. They falsely believe “more-better-different” stuff will make them happier. The truth is once your income rises above abject poverty research study after research study has proven little or no relationship between having more money and experiencing greater happiness. You only need one bed to lay in, one chair to sit in, and neither of those cost a lot of money. Wealth and happiness simply aren’t related once you rise above poverty level. So why waste your time pursuing the illusion?

At FinancialMentor.Com we support the pursuit of financial freedom as a tool for living true wealth and personal freedom. There is more to wealth than money, and freedom is more than financial. These articles will show you how…

The Secret To Happiness… And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Money: Learn how a simple daily habit can create more happiness than achieving financial freedom.

The Ten Commandments Of Wealth: Discover the ten key success principles that lead to true wealth. (This is about much more than just making money!)

How To Find Your “Sweet Spot” For Building Wealth: There exists a sweet spot to building wealth where you spend no more effort than is necessary on acquiring money; yet, you grow your wealth to the point that money doesn’t limit your ability to enjoy life experiences consistent with your values. Learn how to find your sweet spot…

Andrew Carnegie – The Gospel Of Wealth: A politically incorrect assessment of wealth in America from one of the greatest philanthropists and industrialists of all time. Learn from his experience and uncommon wisdom.

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