Alternative Investment Strategy

If You’re Dissatisfied With The Risk Inherent In Conventional Investment Advice, Then Consider Alternative Investment Strategy.

Conventional investment strategy is passive. According to the experts, you just buy and hold a proper mix of stocks and bonds and that’s as good as you’ll ever do. Don’t change investment strategy based on conditions and don’t ever sell. Just buy and hold through thick and thin, and the experts’ claim the rising tide of the market will magically leave a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of your retirement rainbow.

However, the passive approach doesn’t work for maintaining your health, advancing your career, raising your children, or developing satisfying relationships. In fact, the passive approach isn’t an effective strategy for any significant life activity. Why would investing be any different?

It isn’t, and the results prove it.

What you need are alternative investment strategies for those times and situations when a traditional, passive approach isn’t adequate.

In addition to the featured articles above we also have many educational blog posts about investing strategy that you’ll will find here.

Conventional investment strategy isn’t wrong. It is just over-simplified, inadequate, and based on many dubious assumptions. You need alternative investment strategies so that you can profit more consistently with less risk.

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