Financial Advice Articles

Financial Advice Articles

Traditional financial advice isn’t wrong – it is just a dangerous half-truth. Learn what you have been missing…

The sad reality is most investment brokers, financial planners, financial advisers, and financial consultants are euphemisms for the word “salesperson”. They present themselves as a fiduciary representing only your best interests, but most are paid to sell you investment products and services. This can cause a conflict of interest that biases the financial advice you receive.

How can you get reliable financial advice without having to become a financial expert yourself? The articles below can help…

The unfortunate reality is no advisor is going to put a higher priority on growing your money than his own. This is not a conspiracy theory and it doesn’t make advisers bad people – it is just business reality. You must understand the conflicts of interest and inherent problems with financial advice so you can maximize your investment returns and retire with security and peace of mind.

There is no such thing as free financial advice. One way or another you will pay the price. It is just a question of what price you choose to pay.

I hope these articles help you make smart financial decisions.

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