This Week Only – I Give You My Bestselling Ebook (No Strings Attached)

I’m celebrating 3 milestones this week and giving you an unexpected gift as a result!

  1. I published 5 ebooks on Amazon Kindle this summer.
  2. My subscriber list broke the 6,000 barrier (and growing) making Financial Mentor one of the top financial web sites on the Internet.
  3. I’m also excited to announce that I will be speaking in front of 400 financial bloggers this week at the Financial Bloggers Conference teaching cutting edge retirement planning strategies.

How Much Should I Save For Retirement Book
To celebrate this week of milestones, I’m giving  you (my loyal readers) the newly revised edition of my most popular and best-selling ebook, How Much Money Do I Need To Retire? for absolutely nothing.

Seriously! No hooks or strings attached.

This book has “wowed” readers garnering numerous testimonials from experts over the past 3 years – and now it is even better. I nearly doubled the content greatly expanding some areas, adding entirely new concepts, and updating the research with the latest findings.

The cost is truly nothing, but it is only this week while I’m speaking at the conference from Thursday, September 6 to Sunday September 9th. After that, the price returns to normal never to be discounted again. You can download the book from the Amazon sales page here.

If you enjoy the book and feel like supporting my efforts to grow this web site and bring quality financial education to more people then there are two things you can do to help:

  1. You can “like” the sales page at Amazon (the button is right underneath the title in the middle).
  2. You can leave a review. The link to the review page is at the end of the book in the “Postscript” section.

Leaving a quality review (nothing big – just a couple of sentences) that explains how the book helped you or includes a valuable idea or two you got from reading the book can make or break my success on Amazon. It is super important.

So anyway, get your copy now while the cost is zero. The offer ends on Sunday – no exceptions. You don’t even need to own a Kindle: Amazon has apps that convert any computer, cell phone, or tablet into a Kindle so anyone reading this article has access to the book at no cost.

I hope you enjoy my gift, and I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon. The link to access the review page is .

Thanks for your support!

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Hi Todd,Thanks for making your book free to download. However, I can't access it from my region (Asia Pacific). I was wondering if there is another way I can download this book? Cheers,Deny 

Financialmentor moderator

 @WealthGateway Hi Deny, I'm fairly new to Amazon and apparently I'm learning that they limit access based on location. At least, that is what some readers such as yourself are communicating. I will have to look into it. Hopefully you can find a way to access the book. Thanks for your support.