What Can You Expect From Money Coaching?

Below Are 64 Insights (from Actual Clients) Explaining How Money Coaching Works and What You Can Expect…

What exactly is money coaching, how is it different, and what should you expect if you decide to move forward?

There is no better source for the answers to these questions than actual clients who have first-hand experience coaching with me.

Here’s what my clients said you can expect…

  1. Increased accountability through regular phone contact so that you maintain focus and accelerate results.
  2. Provides a step-by-step road-map to your goals that breaks overwhelming objectives into actionable tasks reducing confusion, risk and fear.
  3. Promotes self-confidence and skill mastery so that you can raise your investment skill level.
  4. Increased self-awareness for more effective decision making so that you work smarter – not harder.
  5. Increased congruence between stated objectives and daily thoughts, words, and actions so that you are more effective with your time and reduce wasted energy.
  6. Improved focus on activities that are most important rather than most urgent so that critical tasks get done.
  7. Provides a carefully engineered plan for achieving wealth so you can see how it all fits together and know for the first time it is realistically achievable.
  8. Provides a structure and process to stay on track and pull you forward toward your goals so that you persist long enough to succeed.
  9. Brings attention to things you’re not focusing on but really need to because they are costing you dearly.
  10. Provides a safe space for examining and overcoming present limitations and challenges so that you don’t get stuck.
  11. Provides a partner with experience to mentor you so that you can avoid the obvious mistakes and collaborate about best practices.
  12. It is not a quick fix: these are principle based strategies that work for a lifetime giving you enduring value.
  13. Goes beyond just money to focus on the important things in life like family, health and spirituality. It is a complete program balancing your whole life picture while providing a tangible financial result.
  14. It’s private time focused just on you and your agenda.
  15. Provides a path of true independence through education so that you grow free from coaching over time.
  16. Trains you to come to your own conclusions. It teaches you to fish rather than gives you a fish.
  17. You benefit from Todd’s depth of experience in finance, business, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and investing both in paper assets and real estate for accelerated learning.
  18. You learn from someone who has already walked the talk and faced similar challenges to what you will face.
  19. Provides a valuable resource to turn to when the inevitable doubts and obstacles get in the way.
  20. Provides someone who will be honest and critical in a good way – you get called to the carpet when necessary with directness but without judgment.
  21. Somebody you can talk to who can challenge you to take your life to the next level.
  22. Learn to live consciously.
  23. With money coaching the climb is steady and the growth consistent.
  24. Learn to be smarter at investment risk management so that your portfolio growth is more consistent.
  25. Provides someone who sees the forest while you cut down the trees.
  26. Someone to question you to play smarter without telling you what to do.
  27. Drives you to align your feelings so they are congruent with your actions.
  28. Increased self-awareness.
  29. Saves you time and money.
  30. Strengthens your financial foundation and tightens up your financial picture.
  31. Learn the art of negotiating.
  32. Takes the question mark out of your financial security.
  33. The immediate payout justifies the coaching fees: the long term payout is exponential.
  34. You finally follow through on the ideas you’ve always had.
  35. Clarity – through self-examination and guidance.
  36. Brings a unique dimension to life you don’t otherwise have: honesty, sounding board, openness, bluntness, confidential.
  37. Doesn’t give you the answers, but helps you find the answers.
  38. Become attuned to where your life is going and have a direction rather than living day-to-day blindly.
  39. Develop instinct and intuition over time – like having a “little Todd” in the back of your head.
  40. Make money by avoiding all the stupid moves you don’t take.
  41. Think about things you wouldn’t normally think about.
  42. An unusual relationship. Who else would you talk to about this stuff?
  43. Learn the value of persistence by direct experience of sticking with something until you succeed.
  44. A clear way to measure progress.
  45. Produces measurable results.
  46. Todd doesn’t bring his agenda to the call. He works with your agenda – it’s all about you.
  47. Take more action and get done in 2 years what might have taken 10.
  48. Grow and explore areas you never would have done on your own. Do what you wouldn’t normally do.
  49. Real world perspective.
  50. No bullshit, no sales-pitch, no hype, straight-forward, not airy-fairy. It’s grounded, realistic and practical.
  51. Things come to Todd easily that don’t come to you easily.
  52. Define your destination, design the plan, engineer the path, and know how you’re going to get there.
  53. Keeps you focused on the key things you have to pay attention to.
  54. It’s deep. You get to the root cause of the problem so that it never comes back again.
  55. Convenient scheduling so that it fits into your life rather than having to fit your life around it.
  56. More than pays for itself.
  57. Have a partner in the process because it’s more fun with a teammate than to do it all alone.
  58. An outside observer to get you out of your own head, see opportunities you overlooked, and make course corrections.
  59. A guide who helps you control work-life commitments rather than letting them control you.
  60. A teacher to increase your financial intelligence.
  61. A source providing access to hard-to-find knowledge and financial resources.
  62. Learn before making mistakes rather than learn by making mistakes.
  63. Challenge old, ineffective belief systems.
  64. Interactive, experiential process for growth.

Wow! That is a mouthful!

It’s a long list in somewhat random order. It’s what my clients told me with only light editing for brevity.

Just to be clear, nobody should expect all these great benefits from money coaching, but just imagine what a difference it would make if you experienced only 10% of this list.

If you would like to experience these benefits for yourself then schedule your no-risk, no-obligation test-drive here and see if coaching is an appropriate next step for you.

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