How Financial Coaching Differs From Personal Coaching

Discover the Unusual Combination of Benefits Offered Only by Financial Coaching

Financial coaching benefits include all the positives of whole-life coaching, with the added benefit of improving your financial picture.

This financial focus provides the advantage of tangible, measurable results so that you can gauge your progress. You know whether or not financial coaching is worth the fees you are paying based on the results you are producing. Either your finances are improving and the coaching is more than paying for itself – or it is not. Results never lie.

“Because of your expert advice and experience in risk management, you saved me $40,000 in losses on a real estate investment. Having you as a financial coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!” – Jennifer Dickens, Real Estate Investor; Los Angeles, CA

Most other forms of coaching produce “soft” results that cost you money: financial coaching benefits you by producing a tangible, measurable result that puts money in your pocket.

However, with that said it is important to note there is no separating your financial life from the rest of your life. How you do the small things is how you do the big things.

Your finances are just one stage on which you act out your entire life drama. What shows up on one stage will show up on the others because it is the same person doing the acting – you. You are a congruent being that produces consistent results.

How you handle money will show up in how you handle your relationships, time, health and much more. Your entire life picture is an outward, mirror reflection of your internal reality; therefore, it is all fodder for financial coaching.

That’s why you must change yourself before you can change your financial situation. You are the cause and your money is just an effect. If you don’t change yourself first then you will just repeat the same cycles over and over again. It all begins with you, and your money is just one of the many clues we use to get you results – tangible financial results.

Financial Coaching Is About Building Wealth … and a Whole Lot More

So while financial coaching is all about business success, investing, becoming a millionaire, and achieving financial freedom – it is also about much more. It is a transformational process directed toward creating a fulfilling life. In essence, you get two for the price of one – a personal growth process and financial improvement conveniently wrapped up in a single, cohesive package.

“I hired Todd for financial coaching, and I learned very quickly that I would benefit in several other areas of my life as well. In just five weeks it has already been a life changing experience. Todd has taught me to look at time and money with a whole different mind set. He has also given me the tools I needed to build stronger relationships with my spouse, business partner, friends and family. I am already seeing results, and my experience has been awesome.” – Shelley Canario, Independent Real Estate Agent; Gilroy, CA

We may enter coaching through the porthole called finances and we may judge the quality of the process by the financial results it produces, but there is no way to get the results you want and limit the scope of the process to just your money. Success is much bigger than that

Thus, if you want to grow your financial intelligence so that you can grow your wealth then financial coaching is perfect for you. Just don’t be surprised if it positively impacts every aspect of your life including relationships, health and much more.

After all, true wealth is about a lot more than just money, and freedom isn’t just financial.

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Hi Todd, just a question on this topic. If in coaching, the coach isn't supposed to give advice, how come a Financial coach (or a Life coach) has to learn or be knowlegable in Finance and Investments to specialize as a financial coach? how does the knowledge in finance and investment comes to play in financial coaching if the coach will not advice the client but rather ask only questions? 

Your feedback will appreciated Coach Todd

Financialmentor moderator

@chrisazuka If you read my companion article on the difference between coaching and mentoring it should answer your question. They are different techniques used at different times for specific circumstances. Coaching is one technique. Mentoring is another technique. They require different skills and backgrounds. Stated in an entirely different way, you can't be a very guide if you don't already know the territory.