7 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Financial Coaching

How Successful Coaching Clients Maximize Results…

You don’t have to do much to benefit from financial coaching.

Just show up to the calls and you will profit from all the education, accountability, support, goal setting, strategic planning, focused call agendas, and being challenged to greater achievement that is inherent in the financial coaching process.

If you just passively follow the process you will likely receive more value than you pay for because it is built in by design.

But financial coaching isn’t for the passive or meek – it is best used as an active process for people who want wealth and are willing to do what it takes to get there. Nobody should hire a financial coach with the intention of lying back and letting it happen to them. It is a waste of opportunity.

That is why I provide the following 7 guidelines to help you take an active role in financial coaching so that you maximize the value you get from the experience…

  1. Set Yourself Up for a Win: Set aside the resources necessary to produce the result desired. You will first need time to attend the coaching appointments, but more importantly, you will need the time to take action between calls so that you produce results. Sure you’re busy – successful people are – but they still find the time to take care of important issues like financial security. Mentally commit to your wealth building goals by making them a priority in your life. The more you dedicate to the process the more you will get out of it.
  2. Be Coached 10,000 Minutes Per Week: You meet with your coach just 45-60 minutes in a week, but you have 10,000 minutes remaining in that week to integrate the lessons from each call into your life experience. Successful clients deepen their learning by revisiting the discussion throughout the week. Most of the value produced by coaching will occur between calls as you complete the tasks, work toward your goals, and apply the principles learned. It is an all-week process – not a 60 minute process.
  3. Use Coaching as an Integrative Process Instead of Simple How-To Education: If you want a few how-to’s such as “how to buy an apartment building” or “how to increase investment profits” then take a course specific to that purpose to supplement your coaching and bring what you learned to the call. This will accelerate your progress. Sure, you can learn those things through coaching (and likely will) but courses and books provide cheaper, more efficient ways to gather this background knowledge. Coaching produces its greatest value when used to integrate and process all learning and experience gathered between calls instead of just relying on the educational component. The more you supplement coaching with additional education the faster you will grow.
  4.  The Journey to Wealth is an Adventure in Personal Growth: You can’t change the external circumstances of your life (money) without first changing your internal reality. You can’t produce a different result by doing more of the same. Building wealth means change, and change means growth. When you embrace personal growth as a natural result of financial growth you add a deeper dimension to the coaching process and an additional value stream. It is what makes wealth building an exciting and growing adventure instead of another “to-do” item to cross off a list. It’s what makes financial coaching a source of permanent change that solves the root cause of your financial problems instead of just another how-to education resource.
  5. Give Financial Coaching the Space to Work: If you are too busy, rushed, adrenalized, or burdened by life then you will limit the value produced by financial coaching. It will still work – but not as well as it could. An excessively hectic or burdened life means you are probably too busy working for money to build financial wealth or live true wealth. Clearing up an over-crowded schedule may be an excellent first agenda item to resolve through coaching. You need the mental focus to create your best work, evolve yourself, and move to your next level of success – both financially and personally. Coaching can help.
  6. Do Your Homework: Every week you develop priorities and action steps to produce maximum results… but you still have to do the work between calls to get the results. Your coach is a valuable protagonist to greater, more effective action, but ultimately you must do the work. The more you learn and accomplish between calls the more value you create from the financial coaching process.
  7. Drive the Action: A great way to extract the most value from every minute of your financial coaching is by preparing an agenda for each call. It only takes 10 minutes but the increase in focus both on your call and in your life is invaluable. You will hit the call running and create a huge impact from every coaching session. The more you drive the action the more you will get out of the process.

“The weekly call format of coaching keeps me focused. Every week is an opportunity to create enough value to pay for a year of coaching.”– David Anderson, Retired Investor; San Francisco, CA

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