Wealth Systems & Programs 101 Tutorial Guide

The Surprising Reason So Few People Succeed At Building Wealth - Revealed!

Why do certain postal employees and teachers with ordinary incomes achieve financial freedom, while doctors and lawyers earning multiple times more income end up in bankruptcy?

The reason is more complex than most financial gurus teach.

The truth is there's no magic wealth system or program that produces reliable results despite the over-hyped claims of marketers.

Instead, the wealth building process is mundane and practical - like a series of hurdles you must jump over, without tripping up - no different than building your own business or achieving any other serious economic goal.

The hurdles are:

  • Commitment so that you prioritize everything necessary to build wealth; otherwise, life will just get in the way.
  • Plan based on proven principles that actually work, and it must be uniquely designed to fit your skills, resources, and interests.
  • Action because nothing happens without persistent, disciplined action over sufficient time to reach the end goal.

I know that doesn't sound nearly as sexy as the "hidden secrets of the rich" sold by marketer types, but it is timeless wisdom that actually works.

People want to believe in get-rich-quick and overpriced weekend bootcamps because they promise to deliver that "secret missing ingredient" that previously held you back.

The secret is there are no secrets.

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The wealth system that works today is the same program that worked 250 years ago because people haven't changed. The principles are the same, and only the details have changed with time.

The hurdles you must clear to reach your wealth goals are timeless, and the fact that nearly everybody trips up on one of these hurdles remains the reason why wealth remains for the select few.

It is just human nature.

For example, just consider the second hurdle and all the difficulties hiding behind your wealth plan and the eduction required to develop it.

There’s no proven quality standard in financial education. There’s no vetting organization to separate good from bad, and most people don’t have enough financial background to spot a fake or tell quality from junk.

Who can you trust? How do you know?

It’s a serious problem.

The truth is all the information you could ever need to know for achieving financial freedom already exists, most of it for free. In fact, we’re overwhelmed by information.

But if you bought every wealth building program you’d never make any money because you’d be so tied up in knots trying to unravel the confusion and figure out which way to go that it would be difficult to commit to a direction and get started.

Here's the reality. Each one of the 3 hurdles listed above is required to achieve wealth, and each hurdle is surrounded by landmines just like the planning hurdle described above.

Fortunately, there is a scientifically proven way to engineer your life so that you achieve financial freedom in 7-15 years by clearing all of these hurdles.

Below are some free articles excerpted from Seven Steps To Seven Figures - a complete wealth building system...

Building wealth isn't rocket science, and it’s not a revolutionary secret of the rich.

It’s about all the simple things WE THINK WE ALREADY KNOW like commitment, plan, and action, BUT DON’T DO PROPERLY.

Think of it like a chain where your wealth system is only as strong as the weakest link.

For every 100 people reading this tutorial you’d be lucky to see more than 1 person clear all the hurdles without breaking at least one link in the chain. It's not difficult. You just have to know what to do.

Who would you rather be? One of the 99 who fail? Or the one who succeeds?

Below you’ll find a list of our most recent articles about wealth systems & programs providing you with additional strategies and information so you can take the next step…or jump straight to 7 Steps To 7 Figures here.

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Wealth Building Systems image

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FM 019: Expected Value Formula – The Missing Key To Building Wealth with Billy Murphy

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How To Be Successful

be successful image

Why do some people succeed while others work just as hard but achieve little? As a financial coach this question has fascinated me for more than a decade. I’ve had the privilege to work with a broad range of clients over the years and witness in real time the cause and effect relationships that create success. Surprisingly, most of what is taught about this subject doesn’t work reliably. So when Malcolm Gladwell offered a book claiming to explain what separates success from mediocrity I was all ears. Here is what I learned…