Loan Interest Calculator


Loan Interest Calculator

This loan interest calculator figures how much of your monthly payment is interest vs. principal. It then tells you how long until your loan is paid off and what your total interest cost will be.

If you would like to know the same information using an interest only loan try this interest only loan calculator as well. Alternatively, if you want to figure the actual interest rate on your loan this interest rate calculator can help.

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How To Calculate Loan Interest

An interest is the amount charged or paid for borrowing money. The interest is calculated as a percentage of the money owed and is usually charged annually. Before you take a loan from the moneylender, it is important that you know how the interest is calculated and applied to your loan amortization. The loan interest calculator will help you in determining how much of your monthly payment is applied to the principal and interest. Additionally, the above calculator will show you how much total interest you are going to pay for the entire loan.

Who Sets The Interest Rate?

The central bank sets the interest rate based on the economic condition of the country. The rates will go down if the economy is low. The consumers usually will not take loans if the economy is low since they will be scared that they won’t be able to keep up with the repayments. Therefore, the demand for money will be less, thus, the deposit interest rate the bank offers will also be low. On the other hand, if the economic condition is high, the demand for loans will also go up. This will force the banks to drive more deposits; hence, they offer higher interest rates to attract depositors.

When Do They Charge Interest?

Interests are not only charged on loans but also for mortgages, credit cards, unpaid bills or late payment charges on bills. Lenders will charge different interest rate for different types of borrowing. Personal loans, credit cards and unsecured loans are charged with higher interest rate since it is difficult to manage. It is very important to understand how the interest rate is calculated so you won’t be shock when you receive your bill. Calculate how much interest is charged to your loan using the loan interest calculator. If the interest charged is more than the amount you are actually paying each month, then your debt would gradually increase making it more difficult for you to pay off your loan.

Borrowers with low credit rating are also charged with higher interest rate since they are considered as high-risked borrowers. What can you do to get low interest rate for your loan? Before you take a loan, make sure that you work out to improve your credit rating so that you will be given a lower interest rate. The higher your credit rating, the lower interest rate you have to pay.

How To Get Low Interest Rates On Loans?

  • Shop around. Calculate how much you can afford to pay each month and find the rate the fits your budget.
  • Haggle the interest rate from your lender. If you have a good credit rating, it will not be difficult to ask your lender to lower your interest rate.
  • Pay your other debts promptly to maintain a good credit rating.
  • Understand the different types of interest rates and how it is calculated. Use the loan interest calculator to determine how much interest you will be paying for your loan and compare with other lenders.

Make Extra Payments On Your Loan

The more money you owe, the more you pay for interest. If you miss paying your monthly repayment, your loan will build up and you may end up paying interest on your interest. To avoid paying high interest on loans, it is advisable to make extra payments when you can. The more you pay, the bigger amount will be applied as payment to interest, thus, making you pay off your debt fast. Making additional payments to your monthly payment can shorten your loan by years and can save you thousands of dollars in interest.

Before you sign the loan agreement, compare interest rates from different loan providers and calculate how much interest you will pay and get a clear picture of the best loan.

Loan Interest Calculator Terms And Definitions

  • Principal – The total amount your invested or borrowed from the lender
  • Interest Rate – The interest rate you will earn from investing or you to need to pay in case of borrowing
  • Term – The duration of the loan or savings
  • Monthly payment amount – This amount comprises payment to principal and interest
  • Total Years Until Pay Off – The estimated number of years

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