Why Financial Mentor Is Necessary

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Your Money Came with an Instruction Book on How to Make It Double?

Nobody is taught how to build, manage and preserve wealth. Your college didn’t offer a course called Financial Freedom 101 and your high school didn’t teach money skills. Yet, arguably, personal finance and wealth building principles are two of the most important educational lessons you can undertake. It can make the difference between a life full of purpose and security, or a life of pain, frustration and unhappiness.

“There can be no real individual freedom in the presence of economic insecurity.” – Chester Bowles

Most people learn what little they know about investing and money from parents, friends, magazines, and books. Yet, if you examine these mentors you’ll see that the magazine articles are generally written by professional writers rather than professional investors, and our friends, parents, and other mentors aren’t qualified to teach financial education principles judging by their financial results.

Is it any wonder most people have trouble building wealth and achieving financial freedom? The results prove it.

  • According to a recent Employee Benefit Research Institute study the average 401(k) has a balance of just $57,000.
  • According to Fidelity Investments the average worker has saved just $18,750 for retirement.
  • According to E. Thomas Garman, Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech University, one in four workers are seriously distressed and dissatisfied with their personal financial situation. 40-50% of those distressed report their health is directly negatively impacted by their financial worries and problems.
  • Garman also reports two-thirds of Americans having trouble paying their bills and worrying about money.
  • According to data from the Federal Reserve Board consumer debt and bankruptcies are rising while results from testing on subjects like saving, spending and borrowing show unacceptable levels of financial literacy.

The results prove people need a better source for financial education. That is why we exist – to support you in achieving financial freedom by helping you improve your financial literacy.

  • All our teachings are based on actual experience.
  • All our teachings are results driven so we prove what works and what doesn’t in the school of hard knocks before you learn anything.
  • We don’t sell stocks, bonds or insurance so our financial education isn’t biased by commissions or advertising incentives. Our only mission is to serve you.
  • We provide an alternative to traditional financial advice and investment strategy because what is currently taught about investing and building wealth hasn’t worked for most people.
  • We’ve distilled the conflicting and contradictory wisdom of other supposed experts into one, cohesive, consistent, step-by-step blueprint for financial freedom so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money figuring it all out for yourself.
  • We teach more than just investment and financial strategy because you can’t separate “you” from “your wealth”. Our goal is “total wealth” or “true wealth”.

“The role of the financial advisor has to be more than just finances. It has to be life coaching.” – Ray Sclafani, Sept 2007 Financial Planning Magazine

In short, we exist to satisfy the unmet need for accurate, actionable, unbiased financial education that can help real people like you achieve financial freedom in this lifetime.

Nobody else has accomplished this task effectively (in our humble opinions), so we’ve decided to serve that need.

That is why we exist. That is why we are necessary.