Mission Statement

Educating and Supporting Business Owners and Investors to Consciously Achieve Financial Freedom So They Can Live with Greater Personal Freedom


Our Mission Statement:

To inspire, educate, and empower business owners and investors on a conscious path to financial freedom – not so they can have more of what money can buy, but so they can have more of what money will never buy. We do this by teaching them how to:

  • Balance all three paths to financial freedom (business, real estate, paper assets) into a wealth plan that best utilizes their personal skills, abilities, and interests while also leading a balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Integrate the essential principles of wealth building such as leverage, risk management, residual income, adding value, tax strategy, competitive advantage and much more into a personalized wealth plan.
  • Transform themselves to overcome the personal obstacles that hold them back from the success they are capable of achieving and deserve to achieve.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Our educational programs are designed to help anyone from the new investor to the seasoned veteran to direct his own investment and personal finance decisions to achieve financial freedom and live with true independence.

The Problems We Solve:

Although it is possible for nearly anyone to achieve financial freedom, multiple studies show less than 5% will ever come close. The problem is misinformation – poor quality, biased, half-truths and incomplete ideas. The result of misinformation is flawed decisions:

  • Mindless Consumerism: Most people have been overly influenced by Madison Avenue to pursue the appearance and trappings of wealth rather than wealth itself. The result is an endless cycle of overconsumption and debt. If the goal is happiness, more consumption is not better. The solution is conscious consumption resulting from greater awareness about what really contributes to happiness – and what doesn’t.
  • Lack of Discipline: Building wealth is a long-term process that requires persistence. Life will provide a multitude of distractions and obstacles to derail you from achieving your goals. We provide education and support to literally pull you toward financial freedom and keep you on track.
  • Ignorance of Principles that Lead to Wealth: The same old half-truths repeated elsewhere such as “buy and hold stocks” and “real estate never goes down” are dangerously misleading. We offer financial education that doesn’t just repeat the same old half-truths and traditional basics but takes the next step by offering solutions that actually work.
  • Flawed Investment Process: When you lack sufficient financial intelligence the result is unfavorable risk/reward ratios and unacceptable investment returns leading to less wealth.
  • Conflicted Financial Advice: Selling investment products and financial education under the same roof is a conflict of interest that biases the financial advice delivered. What is most profitable to the advisor may not be most profitable to the client. We sell only education.

Each of these wealth destroying forces are caused by lack of financial intelligence and are defeated through education and support. The truth shall set you free, and our objective is to distill that truth into actionable and digestible financial education products that support you to achieve financial freedom.

The Solution We Provide:

Financial Mentor’s mission statement guides us to offer the highest quality, most complete, relevant, actionable, financial education so that you can overcome the obstacles to financial freedom and transform yourself into wealth. We support you to not only believe financial success is possible, but we provide the tools and resources to help you make that dream a reality in this lifetime.

“I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people convinced they are about to change the world. I am more awed by those who struggle to make one small difference.” – Ellen Goodman

How We Do It:

Financial mentor is a community based learning system where employees and clients alike contribute educational content to support all users in attaining freedom from financial mediocrity. We are all on this path together and our products and services are the cumulative repository of our collective wisdom from this shared journey. The following principles and values govern how we manage this repository of collective wisdom for the benefit of all:

  • Balance: We strive to balance financial wealth with our total life picture because our goal is greater happiness – not just more money.
  • Transformational: We are the cause and our wealth is just an effect. Therefore, we integrate personal growth technology with proven, practical financial skills to create a blueprint that transforms ourselves so that we can transform our wealth.
  • Mass Customization: We don’t offer “one size fits all” solutions because experience proves there are many answers to the wealth building question. Instead, we offer a complete, principle based solution that can be uniquely adapted to work with each individual’s situation, skills, resources and goals so that each person can find the one path to wealth that is correct for them.
  • Separation of Church and State: Financial education should be separate from investment product sales because combining the two under one roof can bias the information provided.
  • Independent: We honor the principle of teaching a person to fish for life instead of merely giving that person a fish today. For that reason we never make specific securities or market recommendations. Instead, we teach people how to make their own financial decisions so that they can become independent of any one expert’s advice.
  • Principle Based: All teachings must have a durable purpose based on proven principles so that our message is both timeless and relevant. Times and facts will change, but principles are constant. We teach principles.
  • Proven Effective: All education and products must be battle-tested and proven effective either through research or in the trenches of real world experience – preferably both.
  • Results-Driven: Conventional wisdom is often a dangerous half-truth. We aren’t afraid to defy convention when it improves results and helps our clients. We judge ideas by the results they produce – not their political correctness.
  • Prudent: Long-term success comes from taking intelligent risks. No risk equals no reward and foolish risk equals losses. Disciplined risk management is how we take intelligent risks with a positive payoff over time.
  • Honest: No get-rich-quick promises or bloated marketing hype because a quick buck is never as profitable as a long-term, satisfied customer. Trust is valued and should never be broken – ever.
  • Sustainable Growth: We seek natural, sustainable, long-term growth through a product quality focus. This leads to word of mouth advertising, links, and discussion throughout the internet and print media to provide exposure to our unique story.
  • Community Developed: We produce and maintain product quality by sourcing our community to assure content is fresh, maximally relevant, up to date, and actually works to create the desired result. Content creation is an interactive process so that everyone benefits from the greater network.
  • Debt Free: We operate with little or no debt and fund all growth out of current earnings. Being debt-free is practicing what we preach, and it allows greater flexibility in pricing while controlling expenses. It also assures long-term viability so we can help more people.
  • Gimmick Free: We never attempt to increase sales by applying promotion techniques based on trickery or deceit. That means no squeeze pages, doorway pages, misrepresentation, misleading headlines, or anything similar. The rule is simple: if we don’t like it then our customers won’t either.
  • Quality Focused: Product quality isn’t measured by flashiness or the fashion of the day. Instead, quality is measured by how effective the product is at helping the customer achieve the expected benefit that motivated the purchase. Each product must be complete, accurate, useful, and fulfill its intended purpose more reliably than our competitors. In short, it must get results.
  • Only What Is Necessary: Each product must satisfy a genuine need or solve a specific problem within our niche – wealth building, financial education, and personal growth. Anything additional is superfluous and dilutes our brand.
  • Simplify, But Don’t Oversimplify: Investing is dynamic, complex and competitive while involving human emotions. We don’t offer sound-bite financial advice or fragmented how-to’s because they are incongruent with investment reality and would insult our customers intelligence. Instead, our education embraces all the complexity and contradiction inherent to investing. This keeps our message as simple as possible without sacrificing its relevancy or usefulness. The masses may want it simple, but that is why the masses still need our help.
  • NO Get-Rich-Quick: A realistic timeframe for financial wealth is 3-15 years depending on existing assets, skills, and resources – true wealth is a lifelong process. People may want it faster or with less effort but marketing to that weakness is dishonest and out of integrity.
  • Golden Rule: Our reason for existence is solely to serve our customers. Each customer must be treated at least as well as we would want to be treated.

“If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.” – Frank Perdue

Our Environmental Conscience:

We are an environmentally conscious company because there is no such thing as wealth, freedom, joy or happiness on a dead earth.

  • All marketing, sales information, and products are electronically delivered rather than physically delivered because it is the least polluting, lowest resource using form of information delivery. This dramatically reduces our environmental impact to minimalist levels. It also lowers our costs so that we can deliver greater value to our clients at a lower price point while remaining a viable, profitable business.
  • We take a stand against mass consumerism as a substitute for a fulfilling life and the cancer this illusion causes personally, financially and environmentally. We advocate “conscious consumerism” as a path to greater wealth and happiness. This reduces the impact our customers have on the environment.
  • By reducing our environmental impact as a business to minimal levels, and promoting sustainable consumption practices in our clients we seek to provide a net positive environmental impact from our existence.

“The environment is the foundation for all life on earth.” – Yvon Choinard

In Summary…

Educating about personal finance and investing to help our customers become financially free is our business mission – it’s how we get paid.

Contribution is our cause … our reason for existence.

Education is our vehicle … the tool we use to help others.

Community is our collective source of strength and wisdom.

Thank you for being part of our community and supporting our mission.