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Free Reprint Rights:

If you want complete articles to publish on your web site, book or newsletter we maintain an unpublished inventory of articles available for your use. Each article would be completely unique to your site and not published anywhere else.

Article topics and writing quality are consistent with what you find on this web site focusing on retirement planning, wealth building, financial advice, investment strategy, and financial coaching. Most articles are 750-1250 words in length. They are ideal for both non-profit and for-profit websites and publications.

And if you liked a particular article on this site that is not a problem either. Just let me know and I will write a custom version of that same article with a unique slant specific to your site’s needs.

Our terms of use for these free articles are simple:

  • You agree to post each article on your site or in your publication intact.
  • You agree to publish the article promptly.

That’s it – very simple. Applying to receive your free articles is also easy. Just send an email to [email protected] with your name, contact information, website URL or publication, and the topic(s) of the articles you are most interested in. Please make the subject line “Article Request”. Alternatively, you can circumvent email spam filters by leaving the same information in the comment box below and I will extract it when moderating comments so that it remains private.

I respond to all serious inquiries promptly. If your site is approved I will respond with an attachment listing all articles available for publication. You can then request any article from that list for your web site or request a custom article specific to your needs.

I look forward to providing your website with great, free content just like what you find on this site.